cuz yes girl, u do 🖤 (@youalwaysslay)

What make-up do you wear on a regular day? 💄💅🏻

ajahrose06 (@ajahslife)

🤔I'm starting to realize that their are people including family that don't want to see me✨shine✨ If you know me then you know ☝🏾 thing about me and that is that I have a good ❤️ I want EVERYONE to be great, prosperous, and well!!! Even my enemies and people who have wronged me because at the end of the day I can't get all the blessings that are in store for me holding on to negativity!! I live a truly blessed life and refuse to live my life without accomplishing my goals✨I CHOOSE to enjoying every minute god has blessed me with and just like I can choose EVERYONE else can too #icelebratemyaccomplishmentsbigorsmall #idimmylightfornoone

Josefinas (@josefinasportugal)

Summer ready with Josefinas Olivia combat boots (link in bio) 🌻 (📷 by @catarinajoaovieira) #josefinasportugal #ProudToBeAWoman

Kari Tyson (@karityson)

These three colors helped raise over $2.2 mil for the Younique Foundation! #grateful #younique_corporate #theyouniquefoundation #nomore1in4 #proudtobeasupporter #proudtobeawoman


So Taylor I'm really proud of you.
Congratulations for your HUGE win babe(I was 100% sure that you would win).You are an example for little girls,teenagers,ladys and all women.In days like this I'm so proud to be a woman and thank you for that.I'm speechless and happy and proud and OMG I LOVE YOU!!!

Mara Melão (@maramelao)

"Feminist - the person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes!" 💥💛
Nesta grande aventura conheci mulheres incríveis, deparei-me com outras culturas e outras religiões onde o papel da mulher na sociedade é quase inexistente, aprendi que os índices de violência contra a mulher é absurdo, o tráfico de crianças e jovens para a prostituição é chocante, que a culpabilização de uma vítima de violação é constante.
Esta viajem foi todo um aprendizado em muitos níveis e uma consciencialização do mundo fora da minha bolha, e um reforçar de todos os meus ideias! #femmevibe

Josefinas (@josefinasportugal)

Simple and extraordinary, all in one 💗 Josefinas Suffragette Pink #balletflats meets Small Sophie 👜✨ #josefinasportugal #ProudToBeAWoman