Leo (@leo.the.labradoodle)

Morning! It's a beautiful morning but I'll just lay here a little longer #sleepinsarethebest

Emie πŸ‘‘and Raven 🐢 (@emie.and.co)

With this warm weather, here is a #throwback to this summer 🌴

FrΓΆken Anita (@froken_anita)

Dad tries to teach me how to catch the ball πŸ™„ Obviously we had to go on obedience course and get lots of treats if I should obeyπŸ’πŸΎ #nyavarvetshundskola #hundskolan

Adventures Of Super Ted ⚑️ (@supertedtheschnauzer)

Hey friends! 🐢 Hope you all had a pawfect weekend and your Monday wasn't too bad 😜 I've not been very well over the weekend which is why you won't have seen any of my adventures 😩 But I'm feeling much better today after some family time with Paddy and Tipsy! (Does anyone secretly like being poorly so their Mum and Dad pamper them and give them even more attention that usual?) No me neither πŸ€₯ #MondayBlues #PamperedPooch

oliver (@itsmeoliver)

Think I'll just hide out here till Monday is over #mondaymood