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I hope it’s not too soon to pay tribute to my beautiful dear friend and fuck buddy @bettycupcakesthesluttypug who passed over the rainbow bridge yesterday. 🌈 I know you were loved and worshiped by many-often at the same time. 😜 But I’m going to miss you SO much. 💧😢You will always have a special place in my heart. I’m going to lie down and scratch my balls while I think about you and all the fun times we had. I LOVE YOU MINIONS BETTY CUPCAKES. ❤️😢❤️😢❤️ RIP beautiful girl.
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We are so sad to hear of the passing of @hermes_pug 😓💔 He was a sweet friend. Sending so much love to his humans. May Hermes and Theo frolic together at the rainbow bridge. 🌈 .
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It is with the heaviest hearts that we share with all of you, dear IG family & friends, the saddest news we ever thought. Hermès is gone. Our precious little baby, our handsome boy, our sweet angel, our chaparrito bebé, our gordito lindo has left us. We took Hermès earlier today to the vets for a routine, minor surgical procedure. His little puggy heart couldn’t take it and he fell into a cardio respiratory arrest. The vets tried everything on their power to resuscitate Hermès but to no avail. He was gone over the rainbow bridge. We got the call barely two hours ago. We just came from seeing his precious little body at ease and at peace. He looked pretty much as in this picture, just his eyes closed as if he were sleeping; his wrinkled lovely face laying low, his front legs to the side, his hind legs towards the back in a froggy posture and his fuzzy curly tail unrolled down. Hermès was the most gentle, pure, amiable soul there was. He filled our days with joy and happiness. He will live, forever and a day, in our hearts and our thoughts. Our memories of Hermès will keep us company everlasting. He has now joined all his furriends who made the trip before him, they are all welcoming him on the other side: Little Peg Georgy @stanleybugandthekitties Captain Fancy Pants Miles @mrmilesbostont dear Theo Chang @theochang_thepug sweet angel Chance @chancethemiraclepug sassy Betty @bettycupcakesthesluttypug and Puff, Tank, Scully, Smokey, Pugly, Cuppy, Emoji, Violet, Chubbs and all of his beloved furriends are now greeting Hermès with a smile and a bag of snackies. Run free our dear boy. Rest In Peace, our most handsome, sweet puggy angel who left at only 1 year and 9 months of age. Until we meet again, dearest Hermès. 💔

In loving memory of Hermès and as last tribute to his happy, bountiful though short and to the fullest life, we’d like to ask all of you, our dear IG family and friends, to consider donating in Hermès honor to the causes he and we,

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