Monty 🐶 (@montgomerythefrenchie)

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm spending the morning over looking my Kingdom 👑🐶

Andrea Ulle 🏹 (@ranger_in_training_280)

My cousin has a doggo named Rory and I love it and will protect it with my life already o-o •

#dog #doggo #puppy #pupper #aww #cute #stillprefercats #stillcutethough

Taffy The Pupper (@taffythepupper)

i broke my leg in 2 places but that won't stop me from scavenging for crumbs

Chateau Doggo UWS (@chateaudoggo_uws)

So much fun in the park!

Rachel (@rachelfromiowa)

Dog sat little Loki today! What a smart boy! 😍❤️ #lookatthatface

MJ (@lil_bit546)

Saturdays are for baking dog treats. May not be super pretty but they love 'em! 🐶


Newest member of the family! #pupper