Louie (@louie.cavoodle)

Look out! Here I come! 🐾

- πŸŒ›bambi malou🌜 - (@bambi.the.pup)

You can't tell in this photo but Bambi is most definitely wearing her @pupstylestore bow tie in the marble print! So gorgeous! Another reason I love #pupstylestore and would love to represent them as a model is because they are so comfy I can even wear them to bed like I am in this photo! I wear #pupstylestore 24/7! #pupstylemodelsearch you should enter: @luna_maltalier @apollo_thecavoodle_ @archer_pupperino @lifeofwillow17 of you haven't already!

Banksia Park Puppies (@banksiaparkpuppies)

Here are some seriously cute Cavoodles to cure your Tuesday-itis!!😍🐢 🐾  #tuesday-itisofficialycured

Pawgie (@pawgie)

They just need to know 🐢😺

Albie the Iggy (@albietheiggy)

I should be a dog model with all my posing! πŸΎπŸΆπŸ“Έ

Isabella boss lady (@isabellabosslady)

Practicing my silk scarf dance moves running around naked in the living room. It’s the simple things in life
#puppylove #dancingdog #toypoodlepuppy #puppiesofmelbourne