Semmi Roo 🐶 (@semmi_roo)

On my way to Grandmas house! #NYCtoLI 🚕

Cutie Cutie Puppies (@cutiecutiepuppies)

Sometimes I'm not allowed to have treats.

Sincere-Eastman Family (@titanthecorgifam)

Titan's face when he defies Mom and rolls down the window while the snow falls. (He was super salty when I rolled it back up, we're at CVS for cold medicine for goodness sake, and hit the child locks so he couldn't lower it again. He mumbled to himself until Best-Friend-Dad came back out of the store. Weirdo. )

dogs the world (@dogs_the_world)

📷 Credit: @high__vibin💘
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Rhino (@rhino_da_frenchie)

Reevaluating your life after your dog properly drinks from the straw of his new @barkbox piña colada chew toy 😂😂😂😅😨🤔🍹 #badinfluence