Schröder (@schroeder_the_bosti)

Weekend with my mommy. 👩🏻🐶💕

Petpost! (@fourlegged_bestfriend)

Huskies sometimes have dark spots around their lips because they love to kiss so much. via @goldenhuskyduo

Cutie Cutie Puppies (@cutiecutiepuppies)

It's always a good time to snuggle

Pet Vet on Patton Daycare (@petvetdaycare)

"I'm going to sleep 12-14 hours todaaay, nana nana boo boo!!"

Mallaurie's Crochet Creations (@livingloopycreations)

George is looking more like himself!
If you haven't already, take a peak at the pup himself (and his sweet sleek coated pal Rupert) @tailsfromthesniff