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'Nuf said. Buuuuut...since I'm here... I've been avoiding social media as of late because, honestly, I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. It's discouraging. I want to shake some sense into people when they buy dogs. Do you not see the photos of abandoned or abused dogs who desperately need a home and just a little love? Did you know if you see a photo of a dog at a kill shelter, odds are it will never leave alive? Do you see these three? They would be wandering the streets or worse if a rescue hadn't stepped in. Don't tell me it's because you're dedicated to a certain breed. Savannah, our beautiful white border collie in the photo? Full blood. Adopted from a rescue. And Sophie is a heeler MIX who portrays so many of the incredible traits of a cattle dog. I don't love her any less because she's a mixed breed. Rescuing dogs is one of the most wonderful, selfless, fulfilling things you can do. That dog will never, ever forget you saved their life and will repay you every single day. I beg of you, please consider adoption first. Visit a local shelter or rescue today. I am not insulting all dogs from breeders. My childhood dog was bought from a breeder because we had no idea the importance of rescue. All I'm asking is you do your research, check out petfinder or a shelter first, and become an informed, empathetic part of society. Ignorance is not bliss. Adopt, don't shop. Please feel free to share the photo, no credit needed. Spread the word so someday we put our incredible rescues out of work!!! #thatsthedream #adoptdontshop 🐾