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MAS Crochet (@mas_crochet)

Crochet Purse dengan menggunakan motif Tulip

Material :
Polyster, Lapis Puring, Penutup menggunakan Resleting, Handle rajut bisa lepas pakai

Size :
20 x 12 x 3 cm
Handle : 12 x 2 cm

Harga :
70.000 (Belum termasuk onkir)

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👗МОДНАЯ ОДЕЖДА, ОБУВЬ, СУМКИ👠 (@satchelcom.company)

Доброе утро, друзья!
Уже сегодня мы в Париже 🇫🇷✈️🛍️💖!
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Photo by Aylin_koenig ©️
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⚘Tetiana Panina⚘ (@tanya_pannochka)

Продолжаю интригу! 🍏Да, это клатч под рабочим названием "Эдемский сад". Пока очень мало человек (всего один😂) видели оборотную строну вышивки... да-да, тот самый крупный шмель 🐝 с этого клатча! Да-да, та самая моя технология создания основы для вышивки таких клатчей! Да, именно каждая бисеринки 15/0 была пришита на основу отдельно 🙈 и да, оборотная сторона не менее, а по наполнению более интересная, чем та, которую я по кусочкам показываю! Спасибо всем, кто поддерживает меня и интересуется как продвигается моя работа.🤗😍😘 Самая крупная, трудоемкая из всех моих работ. Самая та, в которой я долго искала как сделать основу. Работа продолжается, картинки еще будут 🙃🍏🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🌼🌼🌼 #PanNochka #contest #clutch #apple #bumblebee #butterfly #calmomile #beadwork #artwork #purse #designerpurse #edengarden

Those That Matter (@onlythosethatmatter)

Six handbags left. Here's one weird thing about me: I don't own too many handbags or purses. Most of my girlfriends are into handbags and I swear everytime they talk about famous handbag brands, I seriously. dont. get it. And so I thought that makes me the "weird" one. 😃 For one, I hate transferring my stuff from one handbag to another, it's too much work, lol! Anyway from top to bottom, left to right:

1. Red purse, bought in 2011, my everyday purse, can carry a smaller purse/wallet and lipgloss and lipstick and pens and keys;
2. Red/Beige purse, bought in 2010, I use this alternately with the red purse;
3. Red satchel, bought in 2012, carried some of my books when I went to nursing school and my laptop whenever I am on the go;
4. Blue handbag, bought in 2014, I use this if I need to carry more stuff than usual;
5. Beige purse, bought in 2010 for a wedding and I have used this in almost every formal event I went to (the neutral color helps); and
6. Red camera bag, bought in 2009 for my camera and lenses.

I realize just now that I love red. ❤️ These are all my favorites and every single one has been very useful until now (can't believe they're still in very good condition after 6 or 7 years?!). I have only disposed 2 overused handbags and I will be giving away my bigger camera/laptop backpack and a camera/lenses beltbag. I also can't believe I have not spent money for a new purse in 2 years and the weird thing is, I don't feel like buying another one yet. #decluttering #konmari #ItCanBeDone #ThoseThatMatter #purse #handbags