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I'm going to start brightening my feed :)

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Ahhh, Sunday morning, we’ve been waiting for you!

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I wrote this poem after being followed to the train, after having to take different routes on my walks home, after telling strangers it's not okay to touch me. These are everyday experiences many of us face. It's simply a perspective from a woman's eyes. I hope you find something to take away from it❤️ Full audio at the link in my bio🎧
(Feel free to tag a friend who can relate)
Photography: @darrentalent
Background cover: Didn't Cha Know by @erykahbadu
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•It's about LIFE. It's about FLOW. It's about HAPPINESS.•
Remember how unique each of us are. We each have a special path we're walking and I feel the most important things to remember is, how beautiful we are on the inside, how loved we are, and how much we can do to change the world.

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sometimes you think you're that little when you actually that bigger without you realize..
and big things often have small beginnings😊
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