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I address myself a human with no religion or religious tag. But there was a time when I was a terrible religious person seeking religious awakening which eventually made me subscribe to a variety of religions: Hinduism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam.
In every stage of life I followed one or the other religion to seek something I didn't know. The more I came to know about them, I found the puzzle getting solved.
What I learned in the course of time is that the Gods wanted peace on this planet, that made them appear in different forms, in different regions. That is when his(God) followers i.e. Humans divided him in races and the criticism got worse and the peace was lost.

So what the bottom line says, Gods wanted peace on this planet, not discrimination.
Those who know this, finds peace with everyone and everything, while others are headed nowhere into a future of discrimination and nothingness.
P.S.: Correct me if I went wrong anywhere, but the bottom line remains undeniably true.

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