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She was just a little girl, blind towards the ways of the world. She was just a little girl, trying to take her first steps. It didn't take him a lot of time to win her over. He began owning her, controlling her, manipulating her. He took away her innocence, her love. He exposed her wounds to his own filth. She began to bleed, began to bruise. He pushed her down to pull himself higher than he was. She began to suppress, she began to fade. He damaged her, he shut her down, yet he was the only one she wanted. She loved him unconditionally and all he ever did was set fire to her already broken and burning heart. Huge tears rolling down her cheeks, wrist stained with blood, she couldn't put the faked love and broken promises behind her. She couldn't heal herself. She hated every inch of her her scarred body, every reason behind her sobcalled meaningless life. She didn't realize that she was beautiful, that she was wonderful. Instead, she drowned herself into the toxic waves arising into her mind.

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[ NIEUW BLOG: GELUK!] Vandaag deelt Milou van food- en lifestyleblog @healthinut haar geluksmomentjes. Het zien en ervaren van geluk was lang niet altijd vanzelfsprekend voor haar: Ik ben niet altijd gelukkig met mijzelf geweest, heb tweemaal een burn-out gehad en was uiteindelijk na het afvallen van 20 kg met maatje 34 nog niet echt tevreden over mijn lijf. Zonde, want er is zo veel meer uit het leven te halen! Daar ben ik gelukkig achter gekomen en heb mijn focus verlegd. En ik kan nu trots zeggen dat ik enorm veel beter in mijn vel zit, liefde voor mijzelf heb en heel wat meer geluksmomentjes ervaar!
Lees haar geluksmomentjes via de actieve link in bio🍀 Fijn weekend! #soulsearchsaterday

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Normally I wouldn't post something like this, but times are tough and here I am. And here Smokey is, after his abscess removal surgery procedure today. He will be okay and I'm thankful we got the issue taken care of. I am relieved to know my baby is going to recover and that he is in great hands.😸 now... With an $825 vet bill for the series of tests, medical prescriptions for preventing infection and pain, as well as the surgical procedure and post-care checkups I AM swamped. With this being said, I am going to be posting a huge sale starting tonight on my IG story, it will end tomorrow night at 10 pm. I will be posting a ton of items I have for sale {that will be discounted from the original prices} these proceeds will help pay Smokey's vet bill🙏. Thanks for the support if you decide to buy yourself or someone else a handmade gift // also any proceeds from my Etsy shop will be going towards these bills for my little bear who is more than worth it. 🙏 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😘♥️😿😽😼😼😼♥️♥️♥️


Pelangi,,,pelangi,,, alangkah indah muuu..Merah! Kuning! Hijau di langit yang Biruuu!! 🌈

Nah loh.. pelangi aja warna warni 😍🌸 buat penampilan mu lebih berwarna meski di waktu hujan seindah pelangi saat hujan ☔️⛈️ hehee.. 💙💚💛💜💖
Yuk..tambah koleksi masker warna warninya yang syantiiiik abiiis,, murah bingiiiits 😍😘

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