Stephymasks13 (@mamaluvsmasks13)

In the winter when I'm hibernating I use makeup with an spf but with the warmer weather I'm always outside so I like applying an actual sunscreen as well. I hate physical sunscreens that feel greasy or have that silicone feel because it just never sits well under makeup. Oh and I can not use chemical sunscreens because they break me out like crazy. Any suggestions
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Georgia Louise (@georgialouisesk)

Look at all that dead skin that was on my face! When people think of Dermaplaning they usually think of removing unwanted facial hair, but equally as important is removing those layers of dead skin. It leaves your skin silky smooth, exfoliated and your skin care products will get absorbed better. I’ve been really dedicated and Dermaplaning every 2-3 weeks and I’m loving the results. 📷 @miltiathis

Gulf Pharmacy (@gulfpharmacydubai)

Free you pores with BIORE! Get healthy & radiant skin! Available at Gulf Pharmacy​! #gulfpharmacy #gulfpharmacydubai #biore #pore #healthyskin #radiantskin #facialpore #skincare

Mirigal High Voltage Oil (@mirigaloil)

"This oil is magical. It leaves my skin looking dewy and alive, and it smells downright delicious.” -
Sara - Author creative mother.
Apply morning night and any time enjoy and admire the glow instant results fast absorbing healing serum .
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Okay everyone lets talk Cleanser, yes men we are talking to you too! 😄 This is the first step to achieving beautiful skin and is an essential in your skin care routine. Our beautiful cleanser is......
▪️residual free
▪️it helps to maintain a healthy pH level
▪️it removes day to day debris from the environment and....
▪️supports your skin immunity and resilience. 👇
2-3 pumps onto wet hands, morning and night then wash off leaving your skin feeling incredibly refreshed and soothed… and there’s more! Your achieving all of this with absolutely NO NASTIES, just pure natural goodness….. Our skin care range has
-NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS 🐒🐰🐶 So contact us today or you can order online.
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PRO CONTOUR: Sculpt, shape and define your features! This duo features complementary hues of luminous highlighting and matte contouring powders that are designed to be flattering on a wide range of skintones. Crafted with finely milled pigments, they boast a velvety-soft texture that diffuses over skin seamlessly, to create natural depth and dimension that last. _________________________________________________ PRO BRONZER: Enjoy sun-kissed radiance year round! This finely milled bronzing powder boasts a weightless formula that is crafted with pigments of just the right undertones and superfine, demi-matte shimmer. It instantly melts into skin as it's blended out - for a complexion that boasts natural-looking warmth, and a healthy glow. #absolutenewyork #newyork #nyc #ny #cheeks #face #absnyproductsph #makeupunited #cheeky #bronzer #contour #highlight #define #sculpt #sunkissed #radiant #radiantskin #radiantglow #glow #duo #velvet #powder #warm #healthy

Brazilian Beauty Taringa (@brazilianbeautytaringa)

Two of our favorites 💕 "Vitamin B3 - Enhances skin clarity, hydration and illumination. Boosts collagen and elastin⠀
Hyaluronic Acid - Holds 1000 times its weight in water, helps to hydrate your skin like no other ingredient.⠀
Vitamin C - Stimulates collagen to increase anti-aging while brightening the skin" @asi_skincare

Sarah Meseko (@taniz_beautyandspa)

Are you naturally dark or light in complexion but battling with uneven skin tone? Get a permanent solution from us

Call us on 09037897510

Watsapp 08039645865

Jen • Skincare Enthusiast (@complexe__)

I know I’ve given Manyo Factory a few shout outs, but I bought some stuff from them semi-recently and I’m genuinely pleased with the results.
They’re organic, they don’t test on animals, they use high quality ingredients and the dependability of their products is outstanding when price point is considered.
The Bifidalacto cream is lovely to use either alone, or on top of other products to seal in their goodness.
I’ve been using this almost exclusively as my daily moisturiser in my night routine.
It’s lightweight, non-greasy, very moisturising and pleasantly scented. It also absorbs like a dream and is not at all uncomfortable when I go to sleep.
Similarly to the Bifidalacto Complex, this needs to be used up in six months due to potency and lack of preservatives... challenge accepted!

Alice Maria Jones (@makeupbyalicemaria)

A sunny smile to brighten up a dull Tuesday morning! Loved creating this look, with natural radiant skin and a bold red lip, on the gorgeous @farahjanemali
Makeup by @makeupbyalicemaria
Photo by @amyrbarton
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Timothy (@timo_dee)

Sering liat pemandangan kaya gini di video 2 yg bersliweran di Facebook, tapi judulnya CYSTIC ACNE, yg isinya merupakan lemak, nanah & darah. Ukurannya juga tergolong cukup besar.

Penyebabnya infeksi bakteri yg menyebar di kulit bagian dalam & menimbulkan bekas apabila tidak ditangani secara benar. Faktor keturunan juga berpengaruh besar pada kemunculan cystic acne. Apabila salah satu dari orangtua Anda menderita jerawat dengan tipe tersebut, jangan heran apabila Anda berpotensi mengalami hal yg sama.

Agar cystic acne tidak semakin parah, upayakan agar jerawat tidak tersentuh apalagi dipencet. Hindari stress berlebih yg akan berdampak pada pelepasan hormon yg bisa menyebabkannya bertambah parah.

Jalani pola makan & gaya hidup sehat. Perbanyak istirahat & juga berolahraga agar tubuh (dan kulit) senantiasa sehat. Beberapa riset juga menunjukkan adanya hubungan antara diet rendah gula dgn membaiknya kondisi jerawat.

Nah utk Anda yg mengalami gejala cystic acne ini bisa konsumsi #AppleSCPlus formula terbaru dari #BiogreenScience yg sudah ada kandungan SNOW ALGAE nya.

Utk hasil optimal bisa dikombinasikan dgn #BioSCSerum yg juga mengandung SNOW ALGAE

Salah satu kegunaan SNOW ALGAE adalah memberikan efek calories restriction diet pada kulit, sehingga perbaikan DNA, detoksifikasi dan pada akhirnya kulit yg lebih sehat & awet muda pun dapat tercapai.

Karena KULIT anda begitu BERHARGA, ayo dirawat dari muda agar efek domino penuaan tidak cepat terjadi.
More info :
Timothy ~ 0822.2728.2973


The Natural Facelifter (@thenaturalfacelifter)

Be happy, don't worry!!! Relax, enjoy the moment and your body will be grateful. The #skin will be more relaxed with improved blood flow.

Dani Jackson #BEAUTYANDTHEGUT (@holistic_dani)

If you know me you know I'm a coconut obsessed lady. Feeling sad lately because I've not been able to get my hands on fresh Thai coconut water that I love 🙁, settling for the oil instead - have to make do with what I can find. The world has gone coconut obsessed lately & rightly so - this is one magical thing. It really does have the ability to heal anything in your body. Packed with everything your body needs to survive - YOU HAVE to add coconut to your life if you aren't already! Whether it's coconut milk, coconut oil or coconut water - anything coconut is GOOD! Just make sure it's not that low fat stuff, all the vital vitamins & minerals have been taken out. I know it's scary but you have to take the full fat coconut milk - you will not get fat! Quite the opposite actually as it helps to burn fat & more if you take before a workout. 🌴 I start my day with a matcha 🍵 green tea with 1tbsp. coconut oil mixed in. I do this because it soothes inflammation in my gut and helps with my energy levels. It also helps support thyroid function (not that mine works, but one can still try 😊). 🌴As an ex-acne sufferer also this is wonderful to apply topically to the skin. With its anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties it helps to heal acne up. Now you know acne is related to your gut health but this can help from the outside in. It also reduces any scarring. 🌴It's a wonderful anti- aging oil as it promotes elasticity of the skin, keeping us looking more youthful & glowy. 🌴Now these are only SOME of its benefits, as I said it is that powerful it has the ability to heal many things in your body. 🌴When buying always go for extra virgin, cold pressed organic. Anything that does not say this isn't going to give you the benefits. 🌴Cook with it, put it in your herbal teas, rub into your skin, use as a hair mask, a shaving oil, anti-aging mask, heals gum disease, makes teeth whiter etc. 🌴There is a section in my new book, 'Beauty and the Gut, which talks about the miracle powers of coconut oil for healing your gut. Look out for that soon. 😃
Tip: Good fats help you absorb nutrients from vegetables better - add coconut oil, olive oil etc. to your meals. #BEAUTYANDTHEGUT