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This was taken on the Arsenal bridge in Rock Island. Was stopped for a barge and got out of my car and looked down to see the river under the metal grate of the bridge. A cool, yet unsettling sight. #awesome #cool #bridge #random #randoms #quads #quadcities #davenport #iowa #illinois #river

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"Give me
that beautiful chaos
called love."
📷 24/07/17

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If you guys wanna vote on who you think is better lemme know thanks

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Blue is my favorite colour along with green and all the other colours. But mostly blue so I had to snap a pic of the blue brick when I seen it.

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#VoicesAgainstTheClock is back it's the finale for this 5 part series it will be back! But in the mean time watch the series and show your wife and kids. Tbh out of all my friends who has a wife and kids... God damn it just binge them! Soon your hear me on your TVs cartoon and cereals

Caleb Baral (@icebirdreviews)

Fast-n-Short Reviews!
Dunkirk = 3.5/5 or 7/10
Visual well-made, excellent performances, very intense sequences of people just trying to survive, and definitely shows the psychological impact that affected all the soldiers and survivors. But the film does forget to include fleshed out characters and a flowing narrative that is edited similarly to some of Nolan's earlier films, meaning that scenes will feel out of place due to where they're placed. Overall though, it is still a theater going experience for the great visuals and excellently well made scenes that capture the horrifying reality of war, but it won't leave too much of a impact for a second viewing.
Valerian = 2.5/5 or 5/10
Another example of how a film can have pretty visuals, pretty decent CG, a interesting universe, creative designs in make up and costumes, and some fun action scenes. But without a interesting story, characters worth following, any chemistry between the main leads(and good performances), humor that's actually funny, and having a runtime that works(and isn't stretched out for the sake of being long), the film just feels rather dull and forgettable. Don't get me wrong, the universe here is interesting, but it's wasted on with a forgettable story and main characters that you just don't buy as the universes main heroes. I say it's a rental just to see the interesting pieces of the universe that we get and some decent action scenes, but otherwise, Valerian is a wasted opportunity.
P.S: I did see it in 3D and it surprisingly didn't add anything to the film. The film's visuals look great regardless, the 3D didn't make the world pop out more and there were parts where the film got pretty blurry at times. So if you do see it anyways, skip the 3D.
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