Samantha Snyder (@smnthlee)

Full day today • went on a coffee run, followed by a cruise down pch to The Growers Ranch in Newport and finally a quick stop at Nékter for some juice and an acai bowl 🍇🍓🍉🍍🥝 | Now after an afternoon of cleaning/ studying it's time to relax with a tasty Glass of peach proseco while polishing off the last few pages of #valerialuiselli's #TellMeHowItEnds an Essay in Forty Questions before starting #ScaachiKoul's #onedaywellallbedeadandnoneofthiswillmatter
#HappySaturday IGverse 🌎🌍🌏💕

Gregory Blane Hoag (@gregoryblane)

Taking some time to reflect on the past couple of months. I've been learning a ton and I'm finally making progress on my project. It feels great. Im staying patient and positive, enjoying the process. I'm slowly realizing that true freedom and independence is possible and less scary than most people think.

Thayane Marinho (@thaymarinhooo)

Mais um encontrinho para conta. ✔️
Acontece todo último sábado de cada mês, às 15h, na Livraria Leitura do Shopping Norte, nosso encontro literário, mediado pelo queridíssimo Diego França, do blog @vidaeletras. O livro escolhido para este mês foi "Tudo e todas as coisas". A adaptação do livro já tem data marcada para estreia nas telinhas do cinema!!! 👏😍 Já tem trailer rolando por ai!!! 🎬💕
Amo estar com esta galera!!! #Sabadando 📚💕

Alibek Khakiev (@alibek_khakiev)

This book is a piece of crap. I can't believe Robin Sharma managed to write and sell 12 books like this. This time I'm not tolerant. The book is American bullshit. #robinsharma #themonkwhosoldhisferrari #books #shit #bullshit #reading


A bit later than planned but it's time for a brew, book and bed! Mini Nerdling occasionally decides "mummy's purple book" needs a new sticker

Erik Florida (@eflorida)

This is not vacation, I didn't fly anywhere, I just walked across the street for cerveza and tacos, then back across the courtyard and palm trees to the cabana by the pool. I LOVE this life!

#sun #pool #california #books #reading #cerveza #beer

Ryan S (@sweetredreader)

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