PatchAndGinsburg-Shea Barnett (@patch12ginsy8)

Upon my honor, I will do my very best to eat your granola bar and if I fail... I'll make you feel guilty the whole time you're eating it by staring at you while you until you're finished. #realcatsofinstagram

Demo Cat 😺 (@therealdemocat)

Live.Laugh.Love.Wall 😻💖. Happy Valentine’s Day!

CHLOE 🐾 (@britishshortbear)

Gingers are red, British shorthairs are blue; a very Happy Valentines Day from Chloe to you! 😽

amanda parish (@bargainbox)

thoughtful even when he's sleeping
oh. my. gracious.
you caption this!
#realcatsofinstagram #realkidsofinstagram #bffs