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Most of these rappers ain't really from the streets. Some of em might've done a little hanging out over & over there. Might've sold a little dope here & there but at the end of the night they go back in they mama, grandma or babymama house & eat out of that refrigerator in the kitchen & wash their ass twice a day. That ain't no street shit to me that's just hanging outside. Atlanta definitely does & I'm sure most other big cities got a serious homeless teenager problem. The street is when you ain't no place to go & you out here living by your wits. When damn near any idea sound like a good idea if it's gon get y'all some money. And that's just the surface of the shit. It's a whole nother world out here at 4,5,6,7 o'clock in the morning for kids growing up in the city streets like that. You see & do a lot of fucked up shit that'll warp your mind. You'll make a whole lot of "fast friends" just like you & commit a lot of crimes with them just to eat everyday & sometimes you'll go & hurt people just out of anger, bitterness & confusion. You'll see friends get murdered,start smoking crack, get infected with H.I.V, go to prison, You'll see weak niggas that couldn't cope getting in cars with gay niggas low key selling themselves at night & acting like dope boys the next day. Run away girls getting raped,turned out on drugs, prostituting then getting beat, choked to death & found in the woods or a abandoned house. The list just goes on & on. The point is; Either these rappers ain't really from the streets so they don't even have the experience to speak on the shit, which that's what I think. Or these rappers know what time it is & just selling these kids a dream with no consequences fully knowing what's waiting on them out here. Either way I'm sure the Ku Klux Klan is proud of them niggas. #realshit #theoriginalcomeupkid #aintnewtoigrewtoit

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His lyrics are on point! I could relate & it's true not everyone can, not everybody is about that life.. #teegrizzley #realshit


I've been staying true to myself but also fighting myself. The demon inside me is creating viral master destruction. One second I'm happy one second I'm not . I swear every time I look at myself in the mirror I see multiple images of me. I see half of me as an angel who just needs to break free. But then I got the devil on my shoulder holding me down trying to realize the demons inside of me. D-Drive #realshit #realartist #realhiphop #rap #rapper #rappers #rapflow #eminem #hopsin #logic #futuristic #rapgod #rapgame #rapking #rapflow #lyicalgenius #raps #talent #hiphopgame #rapmonster

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Current mood towards school / college life. Seems like the tests and midterms never end. Anyone feel

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"You're allowed five minutes to be emotional, then you gotta be gangster."
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Wen he so use to being hurt , he afraid to be happy πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ #share #realshit #fuckboys #fucklove #lol #staysingle