Robyn 💛Yellow Mat Yoga Atlanta (@robynshealthyliving)

I’m happy to announce my 2018 collaboration with Yellow Mat Yoga studio in the Oakhurst neighborhood of Decatur!
@yellowmatyoga (Check out my Winter teaching schedule down below.) 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 The industry of yoga is BOOMING, which is fantastic because it means more people are being introduced to yoga! Yoga is everywhere!
************************** Yoga has become a huge mechanism for selling products, building lifestyle brands and “celebrity yogis” on social media.

But, sadly, the PRACTICE of yoga has definitely been pushed aside in the mainstream (my opinion) and is starting to become more and more watered down in favor of gimmicks, trends & consumerism, which is a tragedy because yoga IS first & foremost, A PRACTICE...a continuous practice on & off the mat! ****** Yoga isn’t just about selling products, looking attractive on instagram and striking complicated poses with the goal of ending up in a pretzel shape. Nor is it about being a self-righteous “spiritual snob” judging people on how they live life.

Yoga is more than a fitness class. It’s a lifelong practice that can transform your body, mind and spirit if you are open to it!
Yellow Mat Yoga is a community where you can just “BE.” We can teach you how to use a yoga practice to help you become whatever it is you’re meant to be! All the teachers are gems!
My Winter Schedule:

BE Energized, Tuesdays, 8:30AM-9:30AM (starts Jan. 23)
BE Present, Tuesdays, 6:30PM-7:15PM (starts Jan. 30)
BE Quiet, Thursdays, 6:15 PM-7:15PM (starts Jan. 25)
(* = every other week)

If you’re NOT in Atlanta, please know I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ll be sending out a Monthly Yoga Video, so we can practice together online. Link in bio.

And remember, it’s NEVER to late to start a yoga practice. I had a yoga student start her practice at 79 years old! She turns 84 years old this year & her practice has blossomed!
When I met w/Siha Collins, the Owner of Yellow Mat, we talked for hours about the importance of teaching people how to create a yoga practice to support their aspirations & needs in becoming the person they TRULY want to BE!
Join us! “Real yoga” taught by real people! 🙏🏾 #YayForYoga #atlanta

🌓🌒 Allison Kennedy 🌘🌗 (@sourceandsea)

Ok y’all! Source+Sea is doing our first reveal with our deck!! From left to right choose card 1, 2, or 3 (or however many you’re drawn to!). Feel free to take a moment to breathe into your belly and call upon your Earth guardians, ancestors and spirit guides to bring you an important message for your day, week, or month!
The crystals shown might help you feel pulled more to one over another. On the left we have citrine from my buddy @architectureofthesoul (it’s so clear and gorgeous it’s one of my faves) and underneath there is a pyrite. In the middle with number 2 we have amazonite and aquamarine. And on the right with number three we have Rose Quartz and kunzite! Enjoy the intuitive process while grounding back here and now into the present moment!

I’ll be back later on today or tmw with the reveal! Enjoy! 💜💎💜
Comment with your choices below!! 1....2.....3...?

Park Yoga Utrecht (@parkyogautrecht)

Inspiration of today ❤️ my incredible Indian teacher @sudhir.rishi May our paths cross soon again 🙏☀️ #teacher #fromdarknesstolight #guru

Nathalie Bennett (@liveloveyogauk)

#sorrynotsorry but there's no serene yoga studio or trendy outfit in my yoga world, but it doesn't matter! We practice in our pj's (well, my husbands because mine were covered in sick!) doing what we can, when we can. Just a few minutes of #yoga a day is definitely better than none. Find your moment, even if it's a stolen few minutes whilst sitting on the toilet, to #breathe and #justbe.
#grateful #sussexyoga #yogamamma #yogateacher #yogateachertraining #babyyoga #realyoga

Dana Lee (@dana_lee_love_yoga_life)

“The irony is, on the outside, there is no perceptible signs of movement, yet on the inside there is a plethora of electrical, organic pulses and currents that are coming and going” Always assume there is more rich life inside you to be felt and loved. I love @yogavancouver. She is the real deal. If you can get a chance to study with her, get there.
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I am Speaking about adaptive Yoga and the many reasons why it is such a useful and important tool and practice for those of us that are physically stuck in a limited position for the most part of our day. The body loves to move even if it’s paralyzed or healing from something. Consider coming to the Accessible Yoga Conference in Toronto this summer, June 22-24, where myself and many others will be sharing of Accessible Yoga
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Mindful Good ➳ Rachel Anne (@mindfulgood)

A picture speaks a thousand words, doesn’t it? Photography, to me, is a potent vehicle for peaceful protest and telling important stories that need to be told. Like this one. It was shot by self-taught photographer @bydvnlln (who is incredible, check out his work!). David Allen captured this moment at the protests in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Grey. It’s such a haunting image, and it earned him the cover and a spread inside Time Magazine. A remarkable accomplishment for anyone, but even more so for, at the time, an amateur and relatively unknown photographer. Thanks for your contribution and gifts, Devin, the movement for justice needs it. 🙌🏽

Ignite Yoga (@igniteyoga_ali)

~ P E A C E P A C T ~
Remembering the women, so many, that I have witnessed those who were slaves to the warped dictator in their minds.

Those who could not sink in savasana instead punishing themselves through abdominal work.

Those who could not fall in line with their breath, always two in front.
Rushing through the flow, desperately seeking out the sweat, numb to the feedback.

Those who checked in with sallow cheekbones and sunken eyes.

The invitation to be embodied, the offer of unification a distant memory, now engulfed by a ball and chain of self loathing.

My heart goes out to them.. My mind wanders to them.. Yoga, Modern Yoga was used & abused as a cruel tool for them... My wish is that one day, they return to the mat, on the road to recovery, view it through fresh eyes as a time to forge a deeper connection to their own honey soaked layers.. xx .

Gretchen Fruchey 500ERYT (@yogafruchey)

The goal of Tantra: total integration of our Being. This work helps us to peel away, assimilate, understand, and dissolve all the layers and barriers we have constructed to protect/hide us in order to realize ourSelves as a whole and unified parcel of awakened, vibrating consciousness.
A lofty goal, eh?
As we progress in practice, the separate parts of us start to feel less distinct— “until the nectar of our blissful self-awareness floods and overflows the internal dams that divide us...then we experience ourselves as a United Whole, a mass of blissfully self-aware Consciousness, spontaneously responding with the whole of our being to each moment of experience.”
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Yoga_tambourine (@yoga_tambourine)

As much as I love a fast flow, holding strong postures and challenging myself in my asana practice, it is so important to keep the balance, keep it slow and gentle once in a while in practice, sometimes just sit, close your eyes, be silent in your mind and breathe! ~ ‘In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you’ ~ Deepak Chopra.
Yoga is just as much about what happens off the mat as what happens on it 🙏
#yogajourney #yogajournal #slowitdown #quietthemind #quietthechaos #justbreathe #realyoga #yogaathome #yogachangedmylife #bekindtoyourself #calmvibes #yogalifestyle #stillness #peaceandquiet #yogaoxfordshire #yogadidcot 💫

Melson Lee (@melson.lee)

#hmsport #hmsingapore #liveyoga #newsportswear #realyoga #yogaposes #yogaclass
This weekend, come down and witness some breathtaking yoga performances as well as the new sports collection #namaste #supportkins #kinscorpsg #kinscorp

Marco Cervantes (@juveramarco)

Adho Mukha Virasana #realyoga Flexión en cadera , apertura y alegría en la espalda, fuerza en los brazos.
Es fantástica!