Noëlle Pouzar (@noellepouzar)

I’ve been a social media hermit lately — spending most of my free time processing the past four years, snuggling up with my grandparents, writing in some bougie café about questions I’ll never have answers to, laughing with lovely badass women, processing some more, and traveling on days I need air. Here’s a photo from a day trip to Budapest back in October.

Sebastian Elm (@sebastianelm_)

Man, this place is like another world.
No single sound other than the dog's tapping paws, absolutely clear reflections and those colours.. pink, then purple, slowly turning into blue when finally the sun peaks behind the mountains, putting everything in this crazy golden light you can only experience in the northern winter.

I didn't take nearly as many photos as I wanted this morning although the sunrise lasted for around 2,5 hours start to finish, but sometimes you got to just put the gear down and enjoy what's in front of you. I mean, woah!

ISO 50 I 70mm I f11 I 1/6s
Sony A7RII
Sony 70-200 f4

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Kyla (@kylaskosmos)

Paradoxically, our animal nature seeks consistency. The struggle is real. ...

Nicole Hayden (@fortherulebreakers)

I didn't have time to grab a new book for my train ride so I'm sifting through Big Magic to let certain points further absorb. I can't stop talking about this book because it really hit close to home with me; so much of what has held me back with my creative endeavor is fear, in all forms- fear of failure and the overarching fear that pursuing this dream is irrational and impossible and I'll croak still owing thousands in student loans.
One of the later chapters in this book that is helping me rid myself of this is titled Stubborn Gladness. It's a term she uses to describe her approach- her persistence- in working through the stages before becoming established and respected; being stubborn but also choosing to be happy and content with the grit and the work required in order to achieve the goal of a win and the respect that comes with it.
Maybe my soap-boxing with this book is receiving nothing but cricket sounds from any who view but hey, there's a reason this was an instant New York Times Best Seller. And if you're reading this and have ginormous creative aspirations but don't want to actually but still don't want to pick it up and read.. well, here's a free sample 😘#creativity #create #bigmagic #tuesday #traintimes #reflection #books #entrepreneur #blogger

Christa Davis (@_christadavis_)

For many, the holiday season presents a time for reflection and change, but what might happen if we made regular self-awareness and reflection a priority? Self-reflection is a critical step to creating change and building new habits. However, many times we get so caught up in the busyness of our daily lives that we forget to step back and check in with ourselves to ensure that our daily choices align with our values and what we want to achieve in the long-run.
This holiday season, I challenge you to celebrate the years successes and ask yourself the tough questions: What’s not working in your life right now? What is holding you back from what you really want? What are you going to do about it? And perhaps for a New Years resolution: Check in with yourself more often 👍🏼😊 #christadaviscoaching #leadershipcoach #selfawareness #holidayseason #newyear #reflection #leadership

Sarah Brown (@real_sarahbrown)

Reflection in a glass building. #reflection #nyc