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I'd give anything to go back

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Starting to enter a new leg in the marathon of life. Read all about it in "T-pisode 343: Separation Phase" up on T-blawg.com now! Link to site in my profile.

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KNOW WHEN TO LET GO! BUT ALSO IF YOU FIND SOMEONE WHO YOU HAVE CHEMISTRY AND A CONNECTION WITH NEVER TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED!! IT WONT ALWAYS BE EASY BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT! IF YOU KNOW THEY ARE FOR YOU NEVER GIVE SOMEONE ELSE THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE THEM!! #2017 #goals #relationshipgoals #trust #love #ups #downs #mylove #wife #husband #relationships #success #teamwork #quotes #vision #life #motivation #motivationalquotes #build #marriage  #communication #commitment #honesty #determination #boss

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Sometimes its better to stay away from people who think love is a planning. We shouldn't "plan" to fall for someone obviously not. But yet there are some people out there. And that's what he experienced. In his past all people did was "planned" for everything which gave him the deepest wounds. But now I'm here to heal those wounds :') I never plan to fall for anyone it just happens and when it happens its hard to stop! And you just can't unlove that person❤️ And that's what he is for me :') Everything changes on the right time. I'm here with you my love and I will never let go of you :') #poetry #writersofinstagram#wordsporn#poetrycommunity#loveisbeautiful#mylovestory#instawrite#poetryporn#followformore#relationships

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If your husband/wife cheated and had a baby in the process (and you decided to stay together) are you obligated to take care of the kid?

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That was the first time we had nothing to say. I couldn't believe that a 3 and half relationship just ended this way. And I could do nothing, but just watch him walk away. Well that was my past which gave me scars. Leaving all that behind, I'm with someone who is all mine❤️
Yes. Its totally not easy to get over a person you loved so much and gave everything just to see them happy ! I'm sure he must be reading this and remembering what all I've done for him. But in the end all they do is stab you at your back ! And you just can't control your tears which you have been holding on from so long. Instead you swallow the pain even if it chokes you! Its was never easy for me to move on after that serious relationship. Years of crying to sleep, self harming, going into depression and fucking what not ! His thoughts haunted me every day and fucked me up over and over again! I just gave up and decided to turn my back from this word called "love" But honey this pain and nightmares are temporary ! I still experience all that now but somehow I try to control and explain myself it was just my past! Some people walk in your life as a lesson whereas some a blessing ! :') Alhamdullilah now I'm with someone who completely makes me forget about the pain ! And I cherish each and every moment I spend with him, give him all the love which he never got before. Life is beautiful. Indeed beautiful. You just have to learn to move on.

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