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Well it's official I'm a home owner! Guess I'm sticking in vermilion for a while #firsthome #billsbillsbills #sold #renos #myowngarage #adulting #housepartys

Amanda Mendes, Mortgage Agent🔑 (@borrowwithamanda)

Why is the bathroom the most important room in the house?
When the average person spends one and a half years or their life in the bathroom, why is it so easy to forget how important it is?
When we think about our time at home, we tend to think of the time we spend with our family, eating a meal, celebrating special occasions, or creating memories. Aside from relating the topic of bathrooms in simplified form to a place that you just take a dump, the bathroom is the one room in which we are able to finally switch off from all that is going on around us and simply be alone with our thoughts, and reflect on the day. A chance to relax and wash away life's little stresses, and above all where inspiration strikes (how many of you go to the washroom, and end up coming out with some crazy, brilliant idea?! I know this happens to me all the time!
We all love to be reminded of that luxury hotel experience and the soothing spas we enjoyed. Imagine bringing that experience into your home. Today's developments are creating areas of water therapy where we can prepare for the pace of our daily living, and relax at the end of it in peaceful solitude.
Bathrooms can also dramatically increase the value of your home. Taking time to renovate this room in your home will allow you to recoup most if not ALL the money you invested into it when it comes time to sell.

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#renovations #renos #homerenos #kitchens #bedrooms #bathrooms 🏠

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11 kitchen ideas from the industry's biggest event > http://ow.ly/iCOW30ihlVV then 📞780-448-5996 For a free quote
Trust your painting to The #Repaint Specialists (1987).
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#renovations #renos #homerenos #kitchens #bedrooms #bathrooms 🏠

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Online booking is ALWAYS available! Link is in profile

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The old church mailbox. What to use it for? Storing knick-nacks? Tools? I certainly don’t get enough mail to fill it up.
#churchconversion #churchhouse #sharonchurch #renovation #renos #saskatchewan

Char (@locketqueen)

Can’t decide on new colour kitchen cabinets/white walls + counter or white cabinets with colour walls + counter! What do you have? Side note: stainless steel appliances now

I love the second option but must be a timeless colour... #kitchen #renos #painting #new

Kristen Bauman (@kbauman86)

The best way to start the long weekend➡️a great, quick workout with J!🙌 Day 32-Cardio Flow ✅

Today's workout was the same as the previous Saturday Cardio Flow's except instead of 4 reps of each exercise it was 6 reps. And... since we know the exercises the pace was faster! A quick 35 minute sweat before we head out to spend the day with the kiddos and apparently renovate our room/bathroom.😜 Shortly after our workout this morning this happened👇

Me: "What should we do today?"💁 Jord: "I'm not sure yet." 5 minutes later our house was filled with loud noises and the sounds of destruction/ another renovation. I walked in to find our ensuite bathroom destroyed from top to bottom.🙈 Me: Soooooo we're renovating our bathroom?

Jord with a smirk: Ya I think so...😜 Haha he is always up to something and I so appreciate all of the many home improvements that he has made and continues to make to our home.💙 But first➡️time with our kiddos🙆

#80dayobsession #challengegroups #accountability #couplesworkout #day32 #neveradullmoment #homerenovations #renos #familyday #familyfun #ensuite #bathroomrenovation #handyman #alwaysworking #parenting101 #momlife #momof3 #3under4 #longweekend

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Going into my favourite part of Reno’s! Drywall = one happy designer 😌Happy Saturday everyone! #renos #nugrade

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Nothing like starting off your Reno’s with finding a newspaper from September 26, 1941 ✈️ #1941 #war #worldwar #renos #newspaper

JTrav (@adozencupcakes)

I had an extra long weekend this weekend so decided to take on a reno. I've ripped out the old carpet and put in new flooring. There were injuries, new tools purchased, a lot of coffee, great music, and a very sore back involved, but I am loving the results so far. I even sold the old couch to get it out of the way. Excited for the completed project! #lookwhaticando #renos

jennihamm (@jennihamm)

Little progress picture. Kitchen renovations are under way. Awaiting the rest of the counter top, new flooring and a fresh coat of paint! #kitchen #kitchenrenos #renos #beforeandafter #homeowner #drabtofab #adulting #new #bestboyfriendever #love

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It is Never “Official” UNTIL it is “Instagram Official” The Lease is Signed The Keys are Handed Over look out Bragg Creek there is a New Sheriff in Town! Opening April 1! More Details To Come! #2YearsinTheMaking #LadyBusinessOwner #Boss #NowTheHardPartStarts #Renos #Yahoo #Relief #HolyCrapJustBreath

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In my opinion, the dishwasher is truly one of the greatest inventions of modern history. 🍽️ The detergent often used with it, however, could use some work. Apart from that perfect gleam and sparkle it leaves on your dishes following a successful wash, it is an invisible source of toxicity, all caked on the very utensils and dinnerware you use to hold and handle the food going into your body. The residues contain ingredients such as chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, coal tar dyes (which contain traces of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and arsenic), DEA, MEA and TEA - all hormone disrupting chemicals and possible carcinogens. Many of dishwasher detergents have a complete failing score from the EWG for their negative endocrine, developmental and reproductive effects. @Nature_Clean, @SeventhGeneration are better options when shopping for dishwasher detergent. You can also make your own, though I imagine that the time spent making your own dishwasher tablets may as well be spent just hand washing those dreaded dishes! #homedetox #keepnatureclean #madebyreallynicecanadians #generationgood @whealthyandco