Bug (@buggylounyc)

Polka dots and a Jellybean.

Katie Lowe (@kabrlo)

Delilah is so needy for love, attention, and a loving forever home. Please help spread the word about this beautiful, young, sweet girl who is spayed, up-to-date with her vaccines, and is really hoping to be an "only cat" in her new home. Please share with your family and friends, and let me know if you're interested. There are so many litters of kittens in need right now that I'd like to help foster, but I can't until I find a home for Delilah. Please help me make that happen! #fosterkitty #foster #prettykitty #calico #lookingforforeverhome #clt #charlotte #southendclt

Laurie (@whistlingwomanskitchen)

Shop special! This insanely cute, snuggly, talky little black and white kitty could be yours today. 9-10 weeks. Free. But only to a good home and preferably someone I know. She's at the shop with me. Come see us.

#orlandopets #orlandokittens #rescuekitty #freetoagoodhome

Eli, Sam, and Arnie (@da_three_muscateers)

It's moving day!! Mom cleaned out the pantry and guess who snuck in when she wasn't looking?!? (Swipe 👉🏼) Luckily Sam and Arnie had my back and sat outside until mom noticed. The door is open now but I (Eli) have no intention of leaving 😼.


Dexter - I'm Mummy's favourite I know that and she doesn't have to tell me. I'm always there for her when she needs me. I love it when she calls me Bear. However I do know sometimes I drive her mad as I love her so much !!! #🐾❤️ #ilovemymum #oldcat #wisecat #bestfriend #adoptdontshop #rescuekitty #rescuecat #rescuecatsofinstagram #neuter #neuteryourcat #neuteryourpets #myfavorite #lovemycat #cat #catsofinstagram #catsofinsta #tattoo

I R A V E L Y K (@irarapira)

We called police to see if anyone reported this little girl missing. No news so far. Interesting thing, because she is a kitten, police said that if we don't want to keep her for the waiting period, they could pick her up and place her in a shelter. If she was a grown cat, it would've been ok if we just brought her back where we found her... 😒 But she's is staying with us for now. We thought she'll have a better chance of finding a home if she gets less afraid and start feeling safe around people. She's been hard to approach so far, but at the same time she's super cuddly and won't leave hands once you get hold of her. And sooo playful! 😼😻#kitten #lookingforlove #lookingforhome #rescuekitty #skåne #eslöv #kattunge #hittekatt