Susan Baxter (@susanelainebaxter)

Betty jumped up on the bed in the middle of the night. She startled me, and my reaction startled her 😳She darted back to her night time behind the bathroom door safe spot. Later, on my wee hours loo visit, She greeted me shyly at the door and lay her head down on the floor and did a mini roll. She meowed softly twice, and let me pet her around the head. Then back to behind the door.
My ❀️ is full.
Today, I had to drag out the dreaded vacuum (better known as Vacoooom, you know, like in Mr. Mom the movie πŸ˜‚) because there were sandy bits of cat litter in the carpet, and although I can't see it, cat hair. She stayed under the couch in her daytime spot, which is good. Was worried she'd panic and try to climb the walls. So, I've made her a second feeding station, and moved her box closer to its final destination in the kitchen. It's the only available space in the apartment other than the teeny bathroom that has linoleum.
I'll let her get used to it for a week, then move it one final time.
Hope to see her moving freely from room to room soon, and perhaps a purring bed partner?

firefallvaruna (@firefallvaruna)

Leo surprised me by quickly accepting the kittens and even being nurturing towards them. Here, he gives Leia a quick bath before a lazy Sunday nap. #catlover #catlove #catlady #cats #kitties #kitty #kitten #kittens #kittycat #cat #catsofinstagram #catstagram #kittensofinstagram #rescuekitty #rescuekitten #rescuecat

Adele Webb (@delly_webb)

Looking forward to welcoming this little fluffball to our home later this week! #rescuekitty #kitten #catsofinstagram #yesanotherone

Chelsea Woods (@chealthywoods)

Happy 1st birthday to my furry son ❀️😻 Never knew I could love a warm, cuddly fuzzball so much!! Kobe provides us with endless laughs like hiding sweet potatoes in our bed, and recently learning how to open closed doors 😹 He also annoys the crap out of us when he destroys shoelaces, and finds every single Q-tip in the garbage can and hides them all over the house. All in all, he is a pretty great cat. Not many cats run to the door to greet you when you come home, cry when they're not in the same room as you, and lick/cuddle you to death. He keeps me great company on the nights Will is working and I miss my family and friends in Wisconsin. So grateful this little guy got rescued from the streets and came into our lives ❀️ HBD Kobe! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ #BestCatEver #WhoRescuedWho #AdoptDontShop

Gypsy Rose Kitty Kat (@gypsyrosekittykat)

πŸŽ₯ Gypsy's dad made her a new "toy" πŸ˜‚ She is pretty happy about it!

The Feline Network (@the_feline_network)

Siamese Senior "Sunshine" *Compassionate Home NeededΒ (Arroyo Grande)
This non-profit rescue group is seeking a cat loving, compassionate home so that this senior blue eyed siamese can live out her sunset years! Might you consider fostering this girl, or even adopting her?
She has the sweetest nature, and not a single bad habit.
Sunshine, is old and walks slowly and stiffly (I can relate!) but she manages to purr, and still finds great joy in being near someone, being petted, getting brushed and loved on!Β 
My goal is to find a loving real home for her, so that she can spend her last chunk of time not in a kennel enclosure. Winter is coming and this old girl will not do well in her current foster situation.Β 
Please consider doing a good deed... Call or text Roxanne at (805)801-5232
#adoptdontshop #seniorkitty #rescuekitty #ShareSlo #sanluisobispo #arroyogrande #fivecities #805pets #805petsforadoption #blueeyes #slocounty #siamesecat #siamesecatsofinstagram #seniorcatsofinstagram #fosteringsaveslives #thefelinenetwork #thecentralcoast