Maggi (@artmaggik)

I’m so proud to be a selected stockist of Candy Coat Resin.
Candy coat resin is a new Australian product, there is nothing currently on the market like it.
You’ll love it for many reasons.
*It’s a no mix resin, just pour and create. *It’s non toxic, as much as a resin can be. Its safe to use without having to weigh yourself down with safety gear. *The pigments are vibrant and there are many colours to choose from, and more being released regularly.
*The colours work together with ease.
*It dries high gloss.
*For a glass resin finish look, use the final coat of clear candy coat resin (no mixing or measuring required) and see your already high gloss finish pop. The clear coat creates a dimension effect. *clear resin can have other inks, pigments mica flakes, glass or anything you can think of added to it making it an easy resin to work with.
*Perfect for the novice wanting to try resin
*Exceptional for the experienced resin artist desiring a more straight forward way to use resin.
We love this product and we know you’ll love it too.

Here’s a link to the Candy Coat Resin Group where you can see what others are doing with Candy Coat Resin.

Please message to find out more about the product or how you can place an order.
Stay tuned to find out about interactive demonstration workshops starting soon.

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Lizbette Marie Lopez (@themessinher)

It is said that all art has something of the subconscious in it.
This is my second piece using citrine. Another “Dream” piece.
It started out yellow, white and brown,
And I absolutely hated it.
Navy blue is my color these days,
Anyway, as I was making it, I kept thinking about how I basically had to start over with my color scheme and how I’m just “wasting” resin.
And it just really pointed something out.
Whatever you’re doing in life, if you don’t love it, allow yourself the grace to start over. To leave, to make a new beginning. In the search of your dreams, no one said you must stay in the same path. Choose different colors. Change.
It is okay.
That’s is all. This piece was a lot of work. My dreams are a lot of work. It’s perfect. -
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Sarah🌞Mohn (@sarahhahaha)

Ocean vibez 🌊✨ DM me if you’re interested in a custom piece! Xoxox (swipe to the end to see a special behind the scenes pic) #artresin #resinart #resin #resinpainting #resinocean @art_resin

jeremy D howard (@fatmodelj)

Here's one more for you guys..three 12x24 resin three part painting up for grabs. Love this in my office area really pulls things together. Inbox me from details for that low low.. #resinpainting #resinart #laartist #

Sandra, Ocean Resin Art (@farbenfrohart)

Ocean Heart 2. 20 cm. For sale. 💙

mary-kate doherty (@marykatepaints)

who needs a door wreath when you have resin art? this stuff is near indestructible! though i do NOT recommend actually displaying your artwork outside i will say i’ve heard someone accidentally left two resin pieces outside in this rain/sleet/hail/snow storm and when this person went outside to fetch them screaming “oh F#{*}!” she realized they were perfectly in tact. i’m not going to name names because this person-ah i’m kidding it was me. ya win some ya lose some? ok this original piece is for sale though :: contact me for inquiries!