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¡Da impulso a tu piel! Combina los dermoboosters ultra-concentrados de Sothys en tu rutina diaria para mejorar su eficacia. ✨ Dermobooster Ultra-C: concentrado de Vitamina C dirigido a la hiper-pigmentación y los signos de edad. Ideal para la piel expuesta a la polución ambiental y el estrés.
✨ Dermobooster Glysalac: reforzador de piel con ácidos glicólico y salicilico para aumentar la micro-exfoliación, estimulando la renovación celular para una piel suave y resplandeciente. ✨ Dermobooster Retinol: suero regenerador de piel intensivo para mejorar la apariencia de la piel con daño solar y envejecida, y revelar una apariencia mas joven.
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Equinox A is an amazing retinol cream. All the benefits of retinol to speed up cellular turnover and get to the juicy skin below the dead layer just hanging around. None of the irritation, flaky or redness. Irritation is never good. In life and in skin care.
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The results speak for themselves. Visible improvements after using the AMP MD System for eight weeks. Would you like more information or if you have any other skin issues and want to know what regime is suitable for your skin type. Feel free to contact me! #skin #beauty #soothe #reverse #redifine #retinol #essentials

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Now I’m back from my fab holiday I’ve started using my stronger retinol treatments. I love @skinceuticals_uki retinol serum but it can dry my skin a little so I always use a facial oil (@thebodyshop vitamin e oil is not only good but a great price!) afterwards. As my skin is dehydrated as well at the moment I’m using @espaskincare amazing overnight hydration therapy mask too. #skincare #skincareroutine #skincareregimen #retinol #facialoil #facemask #beauty #beautyaddict

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One of my favorite things to do is getting rid of forehead wrinkles😉just a bit of #botox goes a long way in preventing further damage to the skin💥#skinmedica #spf #hydration #botox #retinol #vitc #vite #biosil all of these will help with maintaining great skin ❤️ #marshfield #plymouth #duxbury #southshore #esthetician #aestheticrn #lifeonthebay #kristenmacneilrn #loveyourskin #confidence #skincare #jolimedspa

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RETIPeel to zabieg odmładzający, który wygładza zmarszczki, ujędrnia i niweluje przebarwienia!
To całkowicie bezpieczny, komfortowy zabieg, który nie wymaga czasu rekonwalescencji. Bazuje na podwójnym kompleksie retinolu o stężeniu 10%. Dodatkowo, dla podtrzymania efektów i stymulacji procesów odnowy, po zabiegu w gabinecie otrzymasz specjalistyczny krem do pielęgnacji domowej :-) #retinol #retipeel #zabiegzretinolem #peelmission #zmarszczki #przebarwienia #kosmetologia_profesjonalna_rze

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Our Sensitive Skin Retinol is featured in the upcoming November issue of Women’s Health 👏 #VitaminA #retinol #trusttheexperts

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20.10.2017. PM:
🖤 #JordanSamuelSkin Plié Treatment Cleanser
🖤 Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Facial Serum
🖤 Jordan Samuel Skin étOILe with Retinol Treatment Oil

since i was going to use the retinol oil from Jordan Samuel Skin, i thought i might as well use the cleanser from the same line. to be honest, i'm still not sure how to feel about this cleanser. i saw many people saying they were not super thrilled at first, then they got obsessed. who knows, maybe i will too. for now, the thing that made me eager to use the cleanser was The Skincare Cloth, also from Jordan Samuel Skin. it was like buffing cloud to your skin, so incredibly soft. i did remove the cleanser with the washcloth under the water though, not wringing the water out and using the damp cloth afterward.
the hydrate serum and retinol oil combo was great. more spots appeared after i used it last time (last Friday), but my skin in general felt good to me - soft, smooth, and i felt that it looked brighter and healthier. i decided to continue to see how it would go, which led to me using it again yesterday night. at the moment i only use retinol once per week. other people could do more than that, but i know my skin. it likes to take things slow, and not many actives at once. respect it, treat it gently. i also want to see if the spots disappear with continuous use. they should clear up after a while, but if they don't then i guess i have to reconsider retinol. at this point i have high hope, because the spots are not too bad and my skin seems to be healthy. i actually quite like my skin at the moment, despite all the spots.
i think taking out the moisturizer was a right decision. my skin obviously didn't need it. no dryness, no flakiness after a night of retinol.

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3 Important Effects of Aging: Lines & Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, and Loss of Elasticity. It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin. Begin your regimen with @retinolskincare ~

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All the pumpkins were arranged on the fireplace with care, in hopes that Halloween soon would be there! 👻🎃🍬 I 💛this time of year! It doesn’t hurt that my birthday is around the corner 🎉 Another year older 😳. NO WORRIES! Intensive Renewing Serum will wind time back at least a couple of years 🕘🤗

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Real results. Real people. Real unedited photos. Can you feel the glow coming from the after pics?! 💫The change is more than skin deep💫

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Who is The Daily Power Defense Suitable For? Swipe ◀️for more information.
This serum is suitable for all skin types but is ideal for those who want to target signs of ageing such as brown spots, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. 📷credit ZO skin health #dailypowerdefense

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New Mommy must from co-founder, @ursulatdiaz. // What are some of your favorite natural beauty products?

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