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As a small business owner, you first response to a bad review online might be to have it removed, but that's the wrong way to handle it.
Instead, you need to apologize, address the problem and work to solve the issue. That's how you can achieve great customer service and change the impression you leave on your customers.
Read our post "How to respond to Bad Reviews of Your Small Business on Yelp & Google" to learn more. #customerservice #review

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When the most awesome minidrone arrives for review and you simply do not have the time! We are off to #justsofestival in the morning and I won't be taking the #parrot Swing to review there, although it's stronger than I expected and truly, incredibly cool. We'll be playing with this one when we get back... #review #notpaid #ad #quadcopter #minidrone @parrot_official #plane

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Detta blir första delen till "jakten på bästa slimesidan"

Och första deltagaren är @bluberryslimeee ❤️❤️

Förpackning: jättebra burkar och förpackning 10/10💓💓

Brev/kvitto: man fick veta allt man behövde 10/10 👌🏻❤️

Extras: godiset var gott Hahha och linsvätska var jättebra😂❤️ 10/10 •

Slimerna: fina färger och pokar ganska bra❤️❤️ 9/10 •

Glöm inte att följa @bluberryslimeee ❤️❤️

{📩} kontakta mig på DM om du vill skicka en review till "jakten på bästa slimesidan" ❤️

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Fresh review in my blog :) Link in bio , as usual :) Enjoy reading!

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Amour nior ❤️ this is one of the best teeth whiteners I have used so far! A fresh and clean feeling all day ❤️❤️does exactly what it says on the tin 👌
100% natural, vegan polish and stain remover .
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Nate H (@fitnatess_)

Gave this Pure Protein cookies and cream protein bar a try. It smells like rubber lol but the taste is not that bad. It is not dry at all either. It has chunks of cream and cookie in it. Pretty good for how it smells. I would give it a 7/10 would eat again but I don't know if I would buy it if I had other options. #proteinbar #protein #whey #cookiesandcream #fitness #diet #nutrition #bodybuilding #fitfam #gains #ifbb #review #food