l u c y (@lp_studies)

I bought a bunch of new revision materials to try and motivate myself to revise more. And, for now, it’s doing just that - 5 hours revision done so far today. 🙋🏽

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Bethany (@bethanystudygram)

Can’t believe I haven’t posted in a week I’ve been so busy preparing for my mock exams! So here’s some notes on Blood Vessels! 💉#studygram #revision #study #prettynotes #notes #caligraphy #biology #alevels

Taller M.García (@tallermgarcia)

Parece que nuestro vehículo de sustitución esta pasando un poco de frio. Este se nos a ido hasta #riberadecardos donde un buen cliente sigue confiando en nosotros pese a la distancia. Esperamos que no vuelva resfriado 🤧🤧🤧
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hannah 🌻 (@bubblestudy)

saw this concept on my feed yesterday and just had to create myself one! also lol at my tiny tombow collection 😂 I I only know one store that sells them near me and it’s an hour from my house sooooooo. tombows are my absolute favourites though and were my main tool when learning calligraphy ✨
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Georgia (@georgiasrevision)

I'm currently writing sociology notes and then later, I want to finish off my law notes! I will probably post more pictures later of what I have done today! I hope that everyone is having a productive day! ❤️ #studygram #studying #studies #study #revise #revision #motivation

Melow Dit Happy (@sabrina_goudeau)

Le premier Café Lire aura lieu le mardi 30 janvier 2018.
2 sessions : 10h30 et 18h
Durée: 1 heure
8 participants Max par session
Tarif : 10 euros .
Thème: venez découvrir comment lire de manière plus efficace et plus ciblée vos livres de non-fiction,
comment booster votre autodiscipline et votre concentration
Comment retenir plus d’informations et les retranscrire avec précision!
Tout ça dans le fun et la simplicité autour d’un thé ou d’un café! .
Pour plus d’infos, contacter moi en DM ou par mail à melow.goudeau@gmail.com
Et partage, si tu penses que ça peut intéresser quelqu’un de ton entourage!
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GCSE student (@revise_together)

All of my 700 German flashcards so far - I'm not sure if I'll have even learnt them all by my exam in June! 😂

Samara (@studywithsamara)

What is everyone studying or planning to study at university. I’m in my final year doing psychology 🧠

Andy (Andrew) S Y (@speedy_asy)

Typical revision night for a Physics HL student
Who’s taking IBDP 🤯
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Hannah (@mylifeisforliving)

When your brother catches you candidly in deep concentration, pretty much summing up my face for the last few weeks 😳. As you might have noticed I've been pretty quiet recently. Why? Because uni stress is getting to me. As hard as I try to tell myself myself that I'm fine, that's not always the case. It's been a long few weeks with four deadlines (now thankfully submitted) and one exam to go on Friday ✨. I must admit, it's the exam that stresses me out the most as I've had some pretty awful exam experiences over the years - a major nose bleed in one, walking out of another into my first full blown panic attack, and several complete 'blanks'. I've been trying to read and note for it, but the stress seems to take over and my thoughts seem to whizz at 200mph, thus not letting me actually take anything in or write a comprehensive essay plan. It's hard not to criticise myself for my poor revision technique, or for not having done more work earlier in the year, but the reality is, I am who I am, and nothing's going to change that. I want to share this, because I know this is a tough time for many, and I'm not the only one who finds studying a challenge, but I also know it's going to be okay. Ultimately we can only do our best and forget the rest, so deep breaths, and let's continue to take things one day at a time 💛 #mylifeisforliving