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After an overwhelming response on their luxury unstitched collection #EpoqueXSuffuse is back. Bringing a stellar Summer Campaign with gorgeous and the multifaceted #SanaJaved as the face of their #lawn2018 #canyouhearthemusic #Suffusebysanayasir #Époque @suffusebysanayasir @epoquefashion#TheDragon360 #Revolution #Blogazine #PakistansFirstBlogazine

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Ich finde ja irgendwie -
historisch, kann ich!
Was meint ihr? 🤷🏽‍♂️😂 Der passenste Smiley zu diesem Bild ist wahrlich dieses hier -> 🧐 #franklin #declarationofindependence #actor #schauspieler #revolution
#usa #usa #usa coming up soon on #🧐 #comedycentralnews

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The greatest revolution in weightloss is coming!!
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What's changed in Bloc by Bloc 2nd edition? 🔥🆕🔥 In addition to brand new art and updated visual design across all game components, Bloc by Bloc 2nd edition introduces a significant range of overhauled rules and mechanics. The result is an engaging and streamlined gameplay experience that takes the insurrectionary strategy and tension to the next level.

Here are some of the most exciting changes you can look forward to: 🏴 A brand new agenda deck combined with new endgame rules vastly improves and elevates Bloc by Bloc’s semi-cooperative mode, making it the preferred way to play The Insurrection Game. Fully cooperative mode is improved in the 2nd edition as well! 🌆 The cooperative goal of the insurrection has shifted from the 1st edition. Instead of focusing on building occupations in the city’s four state districts, players with social agenda cards must now focus on trying to build occupations in each of their own districts. The insurrection of the 2nd edition is less directed at seizing the state and more about spreading the insurrection to the entire city. That is, unless your faction has a vanguardist agenda... 🛠️️ The types of occupations available to the Workers, Students, Neighbors and Prisoners have been overhauled and streamlined. In addition, each faction now has a unique special ability that can be utilized at any time. 🤘 Police Morale is now affected in a negative way when riot cops or riot vans are defeated in clashes. ⏳ The speed of the countdown that marks the number of nights before the military arrives to crush the insurrection is now dynamic and is affected by player decisions. 🤓 Mechanics in both the Police Ops and Manifestation decks have been streamlined and updated. 🤝 Bloc by Bloc 2nd edition features a highly improved two player experience with each player playing as one faction in fully cooperative mode.

Photo: sneak peak at revised prototype occupation tokens

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Makeup by me 💓 Appointments available for this weekend 2 full faces with tatti lashes/eladora eyelashes for £30 #macpigment #macstudiofix #revolution #bobbibrown #nars #rimmellondon #nyx #eladoraeyelashes #anastasiabrows #smashboxlip #illamasquaomghighlighter

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Here are a few moves to start trying in your daily routine. Your body will thank you. You can modify them how ever you need to to make it work. In the first set you can put something stable under your hands to make the reach not so much if you lack flexibility or have an injury of some kind. You can also keep your knees in the ground if it’s to much to bring them off and be on your toes. The second one is just a V position and stretches the legs, back, shoulders and arms. The send set are opposing each other and really working your back and neck. The last set stretch from your hips all the way to your finger tips. It really works the side abdomen, you neck. Make a moon shape as best you can on the last one. Get moving everyone. I love y’all!!!🙏✌🏼❤️