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Hi forest bathers! 💚 That’s my Muiravonside Country Park walk now fully booked for this Sunday 22nd Oct and officially my last walk for the season. Future dates for public #forestbathing walls in 2018 will be up on my website very soon so watch this space! I am still available for private walk bookings, so please do get in touch if you’d like to arrange something during the beautiful end of #autumn and beginning of #winter 🌲🍂 It’s still fantastic out there, just requires #cosy clothing to fully appreciate #nature at this time of the year! Who will brave it with me?? 🤗 Happy walking! 🍁#foresttherapy #shinrinyoku #naturetherapy #ecotherapy #mindfulness #forest #scotland #lovescotland #lovenature #scotspirit #leaves #trees #natureconnection #peacefulmind #connectinnature #naturephotography #scottishphotographer #scotlandsbeauty #water #moss #scottishrivers #highlands #visitscotland #rewild #getoutside

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Who doesn’t like “warm and fuzzy!?” With fall upon us and temperatures dropping, this natural, Italian wool fleece vest from @bestmadeco will keep your core nice and warm. #vanishtoday #bestmadeco #wool #vest

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So many good things came from gathering this basket of Pecans. I’ve been super excited about harvesting this nut for a while now. The green pods on the trees always seemed to be opening just next week and now it’s finally here! First, of course I got some delicious roasted pecans which is never a disappointment. I got to give some of them away to a friend who also enjoys this treat from nature. It was really fun showing people that yes, you really can pick this up off the ground, crack it open, and eat it right there! My mom, little sister, and I sat out in the sun one afternoon and cracked them together. It was really great to have my family take part in processing this wild food, something that I’m so passionate about. The pecans were roasted and used in a salad that night, a delicious addition! I’m so looking forward to all the interactions that Pecans bring me for the rest of the season! Auburn people, if you are interested in foraging for this food with me, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message! (Foraging is always more fun with friends :D)

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Masculine energy is strong RN. The warped masculine is very present around us, but the divine masculine is coming in during healings to support a total realignment and shift. #metoo and remembering that recently and unraveling it with my husband holding the space for me and then sharing his OWN metoo made me even more locked in to my purpose. I shared a video with my LUMINOUS EARTH ACADEMY group (in profile). What have you internalised? Is that okay still? What can you unravel and release yourself from? Shame is energetic gridlock. Main takeaway from the video - you can't attack a problem in the same way that it behaves. Bring in more love. Open your heart softly gently tentatively trustingly and receive what's coming in for you. Love rising. Love rising ❤️beautiful art by @soulbirdart xxx

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Ah Heatherbell, there is nowhere that I feel more at home than here 💕🌱 📷 @inspirethewild

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Good morning from Wyoming. ✨ The universe is a communion of subjects rather than a collection of objects. ⭐️💕 #tbt #rewilder #earlyamyoga #legacyoflegends👑 #thebrightphoenix

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It might not be a winding little mountain path heading up and up to a perfect view. But today I found a place to walk. Alone. Safe. Outside. In nature. And near my house. It's a wine farm but anyone can come to walk or mountain bike. For free. It might not be WILD. But it's wild enough. It's wild that doesn't have to wait for weekends or hiking partners. -
#walk #outdoors #getoutside #wild #rewild


pulled the last rabbits from the veg tan in the rain this morning. packing for barter fair the rest of the day. hope to see some folx there. ready or not, here I come

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Förra veckan levererades de sista 33 bufflarna (av 250) säkert från Marromeu Game Reserve till Zinave National Park i Moçambique.
I och med detta avslutades omlokaliseringen av djur för 2017. Totalt har 783 djur framgångsrikt förflyttas till Zinave i år, inklusive 93 rörbockar och 387 vattenbockar från Gorongosa National Park. För att säkerställa vildlivets välbefinnande genomförs endast omlokaliseringar av djur under de kallare månaderna, och eftersom sommarens värme nu börjar breda ut sig i södra Afrika har alla omlokaliseringar blivit stoppade fram till nästa år.

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... varme ferieminner i ruskete høstvær, fra den månedslange roadtrippen vi hadde i USA i sommer... en av de beste opplevelsene var å kjøre igjennom Death Valley... helt magisk og total ødemark... #badwaterbasin #deathvalley #traveltuesday #dreamydays #desolationwilderness

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{{RE*ENTRY CONTINUED}} As I sat on that porch, the suns rays etching it's kisses upon my skin and the sound of my own song on the breeze, I wondered 'How long has it been since I felt this way? And what exactly is this feeling?'
Unadulterated expression of Joy.
Why had it been so long, since this experience of still sweetness visited me?
Upon my return to the etheric realm of the internet, I have become all too aware of the Commerce of Attention. Everywhere I turn, I feel as though I am being sold something and underneath that, being sold the idea that I am not enough, but I will be if I buy this thing, join this program, adopt this idea. I have been guilty of it too, intensely guilty, particularly by only allowing you to the see the parts of me or my life that 'make sense' or are 'on-brand'. The parts of me that are 'worth your time'. Let's all collectively exhale that bullshit, ok?
I am not a brand.
I am not a one trick pony.
I am not a stream of edited photos to be visually consumed and discarded at will.
I am a woman, living a life and remembering the songs of her bones.
And so, in deep reverence to the remembrance - I offer you this:
I am going to show up here. I am going to allow you in. I am going to offer you what I can to help you, to walk with you, but I ask this in return:
Can you walk a while with me, too?
As I hold your hand, can you hold mine too?
As I see you, can you, will you, see me too?

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Rob Roy Glacier is all about drama. The colors, the scene, the textures, nothing there doesn’t add to it. A must in every NZ visitor bucket list

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. . .
in my womb i have held both life and death.
two boys lived and one girl both lived and died. within my body.
this is as devastating as it is remarkable to me.
to my sons who bravely chose this life with me, thank you.
to my daughter who bravely chose life in the spiritual realm with me, thank you.
mamas who have loved and lost and bravely continue to love anyway, i see you.


pig stomach tanning!

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3 weeks without:
- Running Water
- Electricity
- Cell Service
- Internet
- Traffic/Cars
- People
3 Weeks With:
- Quiet
- Time
- Peace
- Privacy
- Rest
- Laughter
- Remembrance
Coming home has been sort of brutal, in truth. I've learned so many things about myself, or perhaps have remembered them, would be more accurate. In so many ways, I am not meant for this online, exhibitionist lifestyle. I am most at home when I am alone or with my love, in the quiet wild. While I love to find and belong to a community, sharing myself has always been a muscle that felt somewhat atrophied. Because I live in a very small town, I felt like social media was the best way to build my work and sustain myself in the creation of the life I want to live. And it has afforded me incredible experiences and introduced me to countless awe-inducing women, for which I am onmyknees grateful.
However, as time has marched on, I have felt myself 'curate' my online experience and exposure down to what I can only describe as the most palatable and conformist aspects of myself so as to not disappoint, anger, annoy or offend anyone. And of course, I would never want to intentionally do any of those things - I am a recovering people-pleaser but a definite people-lover and always seek to comfort.
This 'curation' has led me down a path of self-denial, which I had foolishly thought was reserved only for my online encounters.
But, as I sat on the porch of our little 10x10 cabin, face to the morning sun, the morning after my 34th revolution 'round the Sun, I was startled by a sound I almost couldn't place. It was soft, melodic, hopeful.
As I sat with the sound, quietly seeking it's origin, I suddenly felt awash in gratitude.
Salty streams traced my cheeks, as I listened to the sound of my own voice, singing aloud and to herself.
My body had remembered something I hadn't realized I forgot.
How to sing my own song. * * *