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The last post in our Instagram takeover from @wildacorn! Thanks to Aeran for sharing her gorgeous snapshots & mindful musings. Writes Aeran: "It has been such a pleasure to share my lens with all of you these last few days. A big thank you to Kate at Loam Magazine for reaching out to me and sharing this space. Excited for future collaborations together. Sending you all strength, courage, beauty and light in the new year."

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Ahhhh that time of year when you mail skulls and dry grass to your best friend. #solstice
But really. I don't have the time, the money, or the desire to purchase a lot of gifts this year. I'm giving gifts to people who will appreciate something hand made, something second hand, something unconventional. Luckily, my bestie knows me well enough to know this gift is the result of long walks in the woods and research and inquiry into the source of its animal-inhabitant. Curiosity about its meaning. It's from my hike in the desert of West Texas gathering sage. It's a gift of my life and my living overlapping my thoughts for her. It's $0, but also valuable. It's a little out there, but so are we.
What are your unconventional, hand made, conscientious gift-giving plans this year?

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There's been a lot of rhetoric going on along the wild edges of Heathenry based on the mistaken assumption that we cannot pursue primal masculinity with women present or involved, or vice versa. While I certainly am an advocate for sex-specific fellowship groups, spirit is the living essence of nature, not separate from it and we were made by nature for partnership. No great spiritual undertaking can be forged outside of natural law, it is only through surrender to the greater structures of this existence that we can then rise and thrive.

I know the word and the idea of surrender is something many believe to be antithecal to primal masculinity but that is the arrogant machismo of the lesser self childishly rebelling against the greater Self. Even Odin sacrificed his lesser self to his greater Self to win the runes. Further, while codependency is a sickness of the modern world, it's polar inverse of total independence is both equally unhealthy as well as simply not Heathen. Heathenry is inherently preservative and ancestral. None described it better than Vincent from @americanheathen in his profound "My Name is Not my Own" poem. Any group that argues against appropriate partnership argues against the essence of what it means to be Heathen.

True partnership is defined by a balance of compliment, a striving for sovereignty out of a desire to provide for one's family. This is a visceral motivation greater than any idealism and we strip ourselves of that power when we disregard it. A man who fights for the things he loves will always fight better than a man who fights because he hates. Inversely, while evolutionary theories like hypergamy explain root inclinations towards certain behaviors, to discredit the rational faculties of men or women based only on an observable instinctive drive belittles the very idea of spiritual growth. Cynically, arguments for inherent infidelity can be made for either sex. We should not flee from our base natures but neither should be succumb to them in some sort of nihilistic hedonism. As with all things, balance can be attained and I will continue to bear the torch for the virtue and necessity of complimentary partnership.

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I’ve opened up a sale on our Etsy shop for you through the rest of the year - enjoy 15% off your order of $20+ no coupon code necessary, the discount will automatically be applied at checkout. .
You can still place orders with us that will be sent out tomorrow to hopefully make it to you by next week. Check out our stories to see what we’ve got left, as well as the T shirts we have in stock that are still up for grabs to claim if you missed our preorder!
If you placed an order with us for an order including the T-shirts we were offering, we put the order into our local screen printer by the time it needed to be in by to make it back to you by Christmas, but we are at the whims of their schedule and it is now out of my hands for them to let me know when they’ve filled our order. I will keep you completely up to date with details of when they are done and on the way to you! Thank you all so so much for the support 🙏💜
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The finished product. Hell yeah. Wild harvested goat leg, cooked with love. #wildfood #huntergather #hunting #homecooked #goat #rewild

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This holiday season, gift the experience of rewilding heart, mind, body & spirit with 10% off all Naturally Considerate™️ products.
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Eating the high vibe, prana rich, plant based rainbow with @rachaelpollock at Folk Cafe in Byron Bay🌿🥑🌈 Prana is the life force or cosmic energy that flows through each and every one of us. Everything we consume has a level of prana including food/earth, water, air, sunlight/fire. The more prana we consume, the more “alive” we feel. Vibrant. Energised. Choosing SLOW food or seasonal, locally produced, organic wholefoods (I love that acronym 🙌😃) and eating the rainbow as much as possible 🌈ensures that you are eating foods with the highest amount of prana/life force. Ever wonder why you feel so amazing being around the ocean (I know I do!)? Ocean air is highly rich in prana and energy leaving you feeling revitalised and energised when you breathe it in. Fresh air from the outdoors is also rich in negative ions which have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on serotonin levels - leaving you feeling happy and amazing 😃😃🙌! Ocean water is rich in prana serving you a big dose of minerals like magnesium and calcium and helping boost your immune system when you dive in. Getting out into the sunshine ☀️ and exposing your skin to prana rich sunlight is also highly important as not only do we get energy from the sun, but the sunlight helps us to regulate and balance our hormones and circadian rhythm (especially important for women - more on this later.) Our health relates to so much more that what we consume - it is indeed the QUALITY of what we consume 🙏. Everything on the planet is energy - we are energy. Really remember that you are a beautiful human being who deserves to be able to live the highest quality of life possible and thrive and feel amazing. Treat your earth suit/body/divine temple with the respect it deserves and it will serve you well. Be mindful of what you consume (earth, fire, air and water) and aim for it to be of the most natural and highest quality possible ✨🙏❤️🔥🌊🌿☀️#prana #energy #elements #lifeforce #thrive #rewild #danielvitalis #eattherainbow #air #earth #sun #fire #water #food #ocean #hormones #research #holistichealth #nutritionist #iin #iinhealthcoach #nutrition #ayurveda #cosmic #balance #mindfulness #happiness

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Wow. All the details ❤️ #Repost @ladyterezie (@get_repost)
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a note about embodiment. ​i received some private messages and lost quite a few 'followers' after posting a gorgeous, wild engagement photo of two lovers a few days ago. i was annoyed, maybe, but not surprised. an affirmation, and a reminder that i am stepping into new territory, which unfortunately may not work for folk who took the journey with me thus far. // i was on the phone today with dear suzanne and we ended up taking about the post. she wondered what my motivate was given the social climate of #metoo and all the sexual harassment coming to light. good question from a brilliant and loving human, one I did not think about. my entire life i have been told, whether overtly or implicitly, that i had to choose between generous, kind, compassionate, gentle, maternal OR wild, sexual, thirsty, passionate, demanding and proud. the latter being the 'wrong' choice. enough, no more, not buying into this narrative. birthing and being a mom to my fiery little spirit has been the most inspiring, a pathway to freedom in body and spirit. because we don't have to choose, we can and should feel safe to feel it all, to experiment and play. To truly embody and express our gifts. 💕 // i received this postcard in the mail today from a dear sister who shared her experience of my support of her work, a beautiful mirror and very serendipitous timing. thanks for your words and for this image of frida who is simply incredible. ✨🙏🏼✨ I can just hear the spirits chanting toward us, 'well-behaved' women rarely make history. #motherhood #narrative #rewild #healing #fridakahlo

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The snow is gone. Everything feels exposed and raw. The earth, myself. The Christmas season takes its toll. I don't know about you but I find it hard to be really mindful in this season. It triggers quite a lot of things doesn't it?
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. . .
good morning my friends!
i have facilitated a winter solstice circle every solstice for the last four years {my favourite night of the year}, but this is the first year that i will be offering a self-directed version.
and it is officially available in my shop!
your investment gives you a beautiful pdf loaded up with:
- guidance and journal prompts to celebrate and release 2017
- a how-to guide for a fire ceremony {because, let's be real, 2017 has given us all our fair share of shit that needs to be cleansed by fire}
- guidance and journal prompts to call in, to invoke, what you truly desire and need in 2018
- a recorded yoga nidra//guided meditation themed to the solstice evening so that the seeds of our intentions can be planted safe in the deep fertile space of our subconscious
i am keeping this wildly accessible at just $22CAD because my hope is to have so many of us engaging mindfully and intentionally on the eve of the solstice; letting healing and release happen, consciously invoking the change our hearts seek, all while connected to a great web of humanity doing the same.
the winter solstice ceremony package will be available on my website today until 6pm on the solstice {the 21st}.
{tippity tap on the website in my profile to get connected}

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The cold is just there to help keep your engine cool.