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It's amazing when you finally see how this life changing skincare REALLY changes your skin... this is what Jenny had to say: "Before Rodan and Fields, I never used a "regimen" for skincare. I would shower, lather up with lotion and use that same lotion on my face. MAN, have I learned a lot since then!! The picture on the left is from March, before I first started using Rodan + Fields, no makeup, no filter. The one on the right is from September, no makeup, no filter, same location/lighting - 5 months later!

HOLY COW. I had no idea my skin changed THAT MUCH until I saw the pics side by side! I'm SO amazed by these results!! I am in LOVE with R+F products! They totally blow me away!! Huge thank you to the Doctors for creating stuff that WORKS!! #productsthatwork #rodanandfieldsaustralia #rfjourney #rfaustralia #rflife #premiumskincare #1skincarebrand #results #lifechangingskincare #lifechangingjourney #prelaunch #australia #regimen #loverf #timeisnow #greatcompany #jointhemovement #nofilter #skincare #joinmyteam #believeandachieveteam

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You can make a change in your skin, if you are ready!! I waited over a year before taking the first step towards healthier, happier skin. I only wish I had started sooner!! Check me out at @luanajohnson.rf for more info and to be Inspired!! If you have any questions at all, I would love to chat!!

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I know sometimes it doesn't feel like you can. Or maybe you don't want to? But you can! Have you been thinking about changing your skin? I did too!! I waited for over a year before I took the step toward better skin, and I am not looking back! Are you in the same spot? Message me and let's chat!

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These results don't lie! Look at how absolutely amazing these results are! You can have this too! Messages me to order! #lashboost

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I haven't been this excited about a birthday in a while but this year is going to be amazing!!! I'm so excited to be taking steps to making change and living the life I want to live. Change can be scary but it's also exhilarating! You won't ever know if you don't try and I've never wanted to live my life with regrets. #joinme #rodanandfields #rfjourney #livethelifeyoulove #lajeunesseRandF #changingskinchanginglives

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🌟Skincare Saturday🌟
Wow! You're right Kathie, a picture IS worth 1,000 words...your results are AH-MA-ZING❤️
Here is what Kathie has to say about her results:
"I can't believe I'm about to do this but a picture is worth 1,000 words and this one speaks volumes! Those aren't shadows on my before photo, that's pure sun damage. I just took my "after" photo for the first time today and I had to share it. I don't need to hide under foundation any more!!!!!"

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🤔What if one YES could change everything!?⠀

Are you Coachable? Determined? Resilient? ⠀

Here’s the thing ... people (including myself) don’t start their own business because they HAVE time, they start because they NEED time.⠀⠀
It doesn’t take 40 hours a week to be successful, it takes small pockets of daily, intentional and consistent activity (generally 3-5 hours each week). Our Team has a system in place that is SIMPLE and it works. Is it always easy? No, but like anything new - it is absolutely WORTH IT!!!⠀⠀
If you've been thinking of trying something new, making a change for yourself and your family, then listen to your 'gut' ... Because, It could Absolutely, 100% CHANGE YOUR LIFE ;-)⠀
Message me. I'd Love to share the facts with you.
#lifechangingskincare #grateful #blessing #rfjourney #coachable #determined #resilient #worthit #changeforyourself

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Early anniversary dinner!! Happy anniversary to my love!! To the man that puts up with my craziness!! Thank you for all you do for me!! I love you more than words can explain!! #rfjourney #3years #yummyfood #soulmates

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✨ 79 MILLION - That's a staggering number. Basically, this is happening with or without you. The world is changing fast and so is the way many will have to work to provide for their families and futures. Let me help you see if a change is a good fit for you or not. ✨#homebasedbusiness #Ecommerce #Mcommerce #Socialcommerce #newbusiness #RFjourney #Residualincome #retirementplan

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I’ve been an assistant, a coordinator, a team member. But when it comes to business, I’ve never had something of my own. I sit here realizing that I’m at my own home office, doing work for my own business, on my own terms. I feel strong, bold and happy. I am so grateful to have found something to call my own and the fire it lights in my soul brings tears to my eyes. I not only want to help people with their skin, but I want to help people with their confidence, self worth, and independence. #rodanandfields is just the beginning. #dreambig #skincare #RFjourney #justdoit @mollymaguire1

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When you work full time and have kids that are involved in EVERY activity we tend to get caught up in all the hustle and forget to enjoy the journey. I know I did and missed out on so much. I'm thankful I now have time to enjoy the new journey and new memories. #RFjourney #MakingMemories #enjoylife

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🌞 Serious Summer\vacation vibes from @shopbando 💗 I'm obsessed with this site right now! 😎 Must haves for my trip to @hiltonloscabos 👀 Check out those drink floaties! 🍹

#vacation #summer #wishlist #cabo #rfjourney #rfgaby #someoneshowjr

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It happens to all of us - AGE - But let me reassure you that you absolutely can make a change for the better! Whether you struggle with Rosaceae, Acne, Sun damage and melasma, dull skin or wrinkles, there is something tailored just for YOU! Rodan + Fields recently hit the #1 spot in skincare in the United States. Did you know they offer a 60 day "empty bottle" MONEY BACK gaurentee? Don't wait like I did. Let me help you get the skin you've been wanting!

Rodan + Fields Consultant (@luanajohnson.rf)

In my previous "before and after," I mentioned that within ONE full week of using R+F Reverse Brightening + Active Hydration Serum, along with Lash Boost, I have seen my skin tone even out slightly. One thing I wanted to document was how my face will respond to my current makeup routine. I see a difference in the smoothness of my skin - do you? (Please do not use photo without my permission).

Rodan + Fields Consultant (@luanajohnson.rf)

Yes, YOU!! We were made with intention and purpose. Crafted with care and each of us is unique! Don't let the small things get you down - you can make a change in your skin today. Ask me how! I stand behind R+F wholeheartedly, and I am here to help 💜

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Lets chat about what youre doing this summer..partner with us and Rodan + Fields skincare and let us show you how to start your own home based business while having fun in the sun ☀️ #thebestskinofyourlife or simply make some extra spending money all while enjoying the summer...3 months can be your game changer..msg us today!! #number1skincarebrand
#johnasha527 #rfjourney #bossbabe

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So Thrilled for you Brooke hitting your first PROMOTION and PAY RAISE in just one month! I could not be prouder of you😘😘
You proved to all the moms who hold full time jobs that this side gig is totally doable if your a go getter!
I've been so inspired by your tenacity running for your goals!! You see the limitless possibilities of this business and I'm so excited for what the future holds! 🍾🍾Pop the bubbly, this is just the beginning!! Congratulations!!🍾🍾
#bossbabe #dobizwiththoseyoulove
#RFJourney #lifechangingskincare

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It took Starbucks 25 years to build a billion dollar brand.

It took Mary Kay 33 years to build a billion dollar brand.

It took Avon 86 years to build a billion dollar brand.

It took Rodan + Fields 9 years to build a billion dollar brand!! 🔥🔥🔥 #micdrop #thebestisstillyettocome #dontsettleforalifenotlived #rfjourney #numberone