Samira Rezai-nia (@loveyourskin_withsamira)

Another fantastic transformation! Read what Rihanna had to say: "It's amazing what 6 months of consistently using REVERSE Brightening can do!
Two pregnancies and motherhood fatigue really took its toll on my complexion. Melasma, dullness, sun damage, and uneveness have significantly improved. I no longer NEED to wear foundation, I now have the choice, and the vast majority of the time, I don't bother.
Rodan+Fields has brought me confidence within my skin that I haven't felt since I was 22, I'm now 34!" #sundamagebegone #reversethesundamage #reverseregimen #ampmdroller #rodanandfieldsaustralia

Melody Green (@skin.chick.myrf)

Alright Monday. Let’s see what you got!!! #rfjourney #rfglow #rfgirl #WeAreRF

Amanda (@randf_amanda)

I find any excuse to use this micro-dermabrasion paste - it makes my skin so smooth! It has been so handy this winter when my hands are especially dry and needing a little extra love. ❄️🌬️👌🏼

Shea Maple (@smaple73)

🌞Summer got you seeing spots this winter🌨️? Reverse can erase those spots and reveal your healthy glow!#RFJourney #agingbackwards #reverse #Motivation

Kristina Johnson (@mamakristina)

My wine, myself and my #skincaresidekick are ready for this training!! Give me all the knowledge!! #lovemyteam #thankyoucarla #rfjourney #bossbabe

Melissa Canfijn (@mjamps)

Fresh Face.. long Day.. cuddling with my minis before we pass out!! My Eyes are still fresh!! #rfjourney #skincareroutine

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Meet our newest Rodan+Fields®️ teammate, 3 time Olympic Gold Medalist, Misty May-Treanor! Misty can use ANY skincare brand and have any job she wants. With all her options, she decided to partner with Rodan+Fields®️ in business! Here is what Misty had to say about her "little side gig":

“When I first got introduced to this product line I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. With the 60 day money back guarantee if unsatisfied, why wouldn’t I give it a try. Plus, for as much time as I have spent in the sun, I have been searching for a good way to keep my skin as healthy and fresh as I can. I figured that this system would be the easiest with my busy lifestyle. From the first time I tried my Redefine Regimen, I haven’t looked back. I am in love with the Rodan+Fields®️ products, and have noticed my wrinkles diminishing and my sun damaged skin becoming smoother and more hydrated. It is an easy regimen for me to follow and to see the drastic change in which my skin looks and feels is priceless.”

Join my team TODAY and get an additional free regimen ($200 value)! Message me for details!

Martha Herdendorf 🍀 (@marthaherdy)

Working full time, running my Rodan + Fields side-business and contributing at Lake Country Family Fun has me buuuusssyyy 🌪️(and messy at keeping it all together). At the top of the year I decided my messiness had to come to and end, so I put in place some really helpful things that help me be a better mom boss. 👩🏼💻 #momboss <link is in my bio!>

Connie Seymour (@redefiningyourchic)

When I first started my 💙RF journey, I did it for the good times, the social part of it, and yes of course the extra money! But since I have been doing this, I have learned so much about myself through all of our personal and professional development! I'm learning that I'm really good at some things 😊and really not so good at other things! 😳But the important part is, at age 55, I am still learning and growing! Score!!! #RFJourney #havingsomuchfun #neverstopexploring #nevertooldtolearn #entrepreneurlifestyle

Jill Kyser- R+F (@jkyser_randf)

Serving others through my business has brought me on a personal journey of development in strength and happiness. When one is following the Lord’s will- no matter how strange or difficult it seems- one can’t help but grow and bloom! #ceo #teamserve1224 #rfjourney #FreedomToServe #TimeFreedom #FinancialFreedom #YouCanDoItTo

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Holy #transformationtuesday from Rebecca Haas!! 😱😱😱 read her fantastic story! | I’ve always loved ❤️ birthdays . From a young age, life taught me 1st hand that growing older is a blessing denied to many. So we must CELEBRATE 🎉 and be grateful for each and every one!
In a couple weeks I’ll turn 48 and while I’m so grateful for each birthday, that doesn’t mean i don’t want to age as gracefully as possible! In other words, maybe look a few years younger!
What i love about these products is there are no gimmicks. No silly promises. It’s simply great skincare, created by practicing dermatologists, that does what it says it’s gonna do. But there is a catch~ like anything in life you want results from, you need to be consistent!
These pictures are two years apart. I haven’t had a facial or anything else in those 2 years. I’ve just consistently washed my face with the right ingredients, every day.

Ps- in 2017 i added Lash Boost and Hydration Serum. Hydrated 💦 skin just acts younger! If you want to try a sample, message or comment below 👇🏻. Right now we have a smokin’ 🔥 deal when you pair it with any Regimen! #rfjourney #rfglow #lifechangingskincare #benjaminbuttonrealness

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I’m gonna do a little bit of bragging for a hot minute. My sister Ali Arsenault, who I have the pleasure to call my business partner, just hit her third promotion with Rodan + Fields 👊👊👊 You are looking at one of R+Fs newest Level 2 Executive Consultant!!!! Ali has stepped into her own and is taking back her 24 hours. She is decided no more what if. She is in the driver’s seat and she is not slowing down anytime soon 🚀 Congratulations Ali,watching you step into the leadership role is an honor!! #weareRF #RFjourney #takingbackher24 #powertoempower #bossbabe #cantstopwontstop #nextstoplevelfive

Marci R. Smith (@mrsmith_myrflife)

#Truth -If I were out and ran into Heidi...I wouldn't look at her and think "Boy! She could use R+F!"
Sometimes the subtle changes we get from using Multi-Med Therapy products make all the different in the WORLD! 😍
Check out Heidi's results! Texture Change Tone Pores Lines and Wrinkles - GONE!
"The picture on the left is from May, before I started using R+F Redefine regimen with the eye cream. A friend recently sent me that picture and I couldn't believe how bad my crows feet were and wrinkles were. The picture on the right is me today, I took it to show how much my skin has improved since I started using these products. They work and they work wonderfully!" ❤️ So if you're ready to be SHOCKED and REDEFINE how YOUR skin ages. Let's talk today! xoxo
#RFJourney #LifeChangingSkincare #RedefineHowYouAge #GetGlowing #PositiveSkinErgy

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Hubby just got home and brought in the mail and I had a unknown package 📦 To my surprise, it was a gift from R+F for my recent promotion ❤️ I love to feel rewarded for doing something I love! #rfjourney #rflove #surprisedelivery

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How does a Rodan + Fields business work? Here are the basics... I use the products. I get amazing results! I tell people about the products. They get amazing results! I help friends launch their own businesses. We all make money! I don’t handle inventory or money...and I don't have to host any parties! I get to work this business when I want from where I want! Rodan + Fields is the #1 Skincare Brand in the US and has launched in Canada and Australia and is just get started! These Doctors are the same that brought Proactiv to 181 Countries....and they only have RF in 3 so far 😱 What does that tell you?? #global #itscoming #numberone #RFJourney #notajob #opportunity #dontletitpassyouby

Maureen Johanson (@maureenjohanson)

🎉So excited!! My promotion is celebrated by increased income AND and jewelry 🎉. This was a long time coming for me, and it’s only the beginning. Many thanks to my customers, business partners, especially to Meredith who joined me team 💕 and my leaders, especially Stacy, Brooke, and Crystal Archie—who changed my life in NashVegas 💕. So happy!! #LoveGoodMail #RFjourney #Health #changingskinchanginglives