Charlene Kanuha (@ck.rodanfields)

Transformation Sunday!!
These are my personal results with the amazing LASHBOOST with no mascara.
I'm officially obsessed!!
Like I said.. no longer eye ball bald.
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Krii Black (@kriiblack)

It's a #tiffanys tradition on our team, and rewarding my #bossbabe business partners with this special keepsake is one of my favorites!
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Sherrill Nieman (@snieman64)

He was a Harvard business school graduate and the CFO of his company. She heard about Rodan + Fields and told him she was going to retire him. He thought that was really cute. Until it happened. #opportunityknocks #listenfirstthendecide #lifechangingskincare #redefineregimen #rodanandfieldsaustralia #rodanandfieldsskincare #rfjourney

πŸ’•Shannon Mains πŸ’• (@shannonmains)

As of February, you will find us sipping coconuts 🌴 while laying in a hammock in the ocean 🌊... or something like that πŸ˜€
We are heading to Bora Bora #bucketlist
For all of you that have been there, what should we plan on doing? Beside relaxing 😎
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Katherine McEachnie, Penticton (@katthegrape)

And now we're featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES!

Not only did Rodan + Fields surpass all other more established skin care companies in revenue last year, but our one product, Lash Boost, has sales that should top $175 million in its first year, surpassing the sales of well known lash products.
This is not your parents "party plan" company. It is changing the skin of over 1 million customers and a few hundred thousand distributors. But we are just getting started.
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Shelby Naugle (@shelby.naugle)

Start your own side business and THEN buy the phone. Write it off as a business expense...along with coffee dates, lunches, your mileage, a portion of your rent/mortgage, internet access, travel expenses and more. #justathought #RFjourney #entrepreneurshipatitsbest #yourplanB

Jenny Havens (@jennyrodanandfields)

If this quote from the call peaks your curiosity at all, take a few minutes to listen in--
"I'm a single millennial who went from working 3 jobs just to pay bills to making more money in 1/4 of the time. I've started to travel the world, bought a house and FINALLY lost that last 10lbs. 😬. Most importantly I'm also super happy cause I'm finally putting ME first."
Cash back offers end TONIGHT!!!!!!! Let's chat!!!!!
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Jamie Lea Griffin (@jamieleagriffin)

Check her skin out! Christy's story: "My name is Christy McFarland and I'm a Rodan and Fields consultant. I signed up almost a year ago but wasn't ready to sell until I knew I could fully endorse the products. After using them consistently for about nine months, I'm sold! My skin at 45 looks better than it did at 35 (in my opinion). Here is my before and after - no filters! People have been asking what I'm using - like all the time! I use Reverse regimen in the morning and Redefine in the evening. I added in Amp MD roller and Redefine night serum and Lashboost around the first of the year."
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M E R E D i T H (@bentleyyy)

This is a prime example why Rodan+Fields is referred to as Life-Changing Skincare 😍...Warning: it brings tears to my eyes.

Amy Cassidy was a nurse practitioner at Mayo Clinic. Read what she shared yesterday 😭: Today is my 4 year "Rodanniversary!" I started my Rodan + Fields business 4 years ago, today. I didn't want to do it. I had never tried any of the products. I knew nothing about the business. But I NEEDED another option. I needed a plan B. I needed HOPE, that I could break free from working 12-hour shifts, and holidays, and nights, and weekends. Never. In. My. Wildest. Dreams. Did I think that 4 years later, I would have a team of 5,500 people, be retired from my medical career, and have my husband retired right along side of me. ❀️ And I certainly never imagined that I'd be in west Africa, with 10 other R+F consultants, bringing supplies to an orphanage, a hospital, and the rest of the community TODAY, of all days. We are here to love and serve and we wouldn't even know about this place, or each other, if it wasn't for this business. When I say that this is life-changing skincare, I mean this is LIFE-CHANGING skincare. And I mean it with all I've got. ❀️ Thank you to God, our Preferred Customers, and to the Consultants on our Team EPIC for making this incredible journey possible. You all are part of this life-changing story. *This is my unique story. For more info- search, "R+F IDS." Need a change?
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Brittany cuellar (@brittanycuellar)

Fort building by day, business presentations by night. Josh and I will be going FB live TONIGHT at 8:30 Central to share more about our excitement with what we've found with Rodan + Fields.
It's incredible and we have to share.
Interested in tuning in? Comment below or message me so I can get you included in the event!
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Marci R. Smith (@mrsmith_myrflife)

I love what she say about confidence!!! This is what RF gives's a side effect from the amazing results you get! "My daughter had just been born on the left in 2006 on the right taken last month in 2017. My skin issues didn't stop until I found this beautiful company and when I did I can honestly say my self confidence went through the roof. No foundation in either photo I have our peptide powder on the right, mascara and lipstick.
This is not about vanity, this is about confidence. What if 50 was more beautiful than 38? Even if you have lovely skin what if you found the fountain of youth? I have and I love every bit of it.!"
Number one anti aging, number one premium skincare line for acne, number one brand backed by two brilliant dermatologists Rodan + Fields. All backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 60 days even if the bottle is empty!
Ready Yet?
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Elizabeth Victoria (@elizabethvictoriarandf)

🌟Who wants to add another stream of income by partnering with the #1 skincare brand in North America? 🌟#numberoneforareason #Lifechangingskincare
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Shakeira Chislett (@shakeira_leigh)

🌟REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream 🌟
Who else suffers from little sleep and the result....bags and dark circles!! 🐼😡 βœ‹ And who is seeing those crows feet creeping in?!! The REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream is clinically proven to work and the #1 eye cream in the US.
Here’s why:
πŸ”ΉCombines collagen-stimulating peptides to minimize the appearance of crow's feet.
πŸ”ΉAnti-inflammatory peptides soothes the eye area and reduces puffiness.
πŸ”ΉPeat extract diminishes the dark circles.
πŸ”ΉOptical diffusers that are clinically proven to brighten the eye area.
πŸ”ΉProven to be as gentle to eyes as water.
This formula is ideal for maintaining the delicate skin around the eyes.

All R+F products come with a 60 day full money back guarantee so if you’re interested then why not give them a try?! #60daymoneybackguarantee #realpeople #rfjourney #rodanandfieldsaustralia #checkoutmywebsite #lovetheskinyourein

Rachel Yeager (@theskincarern)

It’s pretty crazy that something as simple as skincare can change a person’s life, but it is happening within the R + F community every single day.
Better skin, more time freedom, financial peace, the opportunity to give to those in need...the list goes on.
What could your YES do? #lifechangingskincare

Jeff Foge (@jefffoge)

How are you spending your Sunday? How about this ... kick your feet up, relax for a few minutes and listen in to hear how this SAHM and Group Fitness Trainer who is also now an RFx circle Achiever is living her dream. What's yours?

#mitchgram (@pshapiro23)

So much fun visiting with Suzanne this weekend πŸ’žGrateful this biz brought us together... can't wait to be with @emilynmcdaniel in 10 days!!! πŸ™Œ #familyisfamily #redefineyourlife #rfjourney #omgyoujustwereconnie #omgemilysaysthattoo #whatyoudoing

Heather Lee (@heather_g333)

ONLY 3 more days!! This very special first time opportunity to have access to TRAVEL SIZE RODAN+FIELDS regimens ends on Sept 28!

All regimens BUNDLED with our ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM come with a TRAVEL SIZE regimen! These aren't offered for sale to customers or consultants soooo this is the 1 opportunity to get your mini regimen for those quick get-aways!

THE BEST PART is that everyone should be adding ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM to their routine!! Active Hydration Serum tested in clinical trials of improving hydration in your skin by 200%!!! ALL SKIN TYPES NEED TO KEEP THEIR HYDRATION to heal & better their specific skin issues.
This Bundle is a WIN WIN for ALL!
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Lisa Ruta-Litwin (@lisarulitwin)

"You wanna know why I love these products? It's simple. They work. This is me." - Sarah Bos

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