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Hey beauties, meet, Renee Sorrell. This beauty is a microbiologist turned stay-at-home-mom/R+F consultant.
Here's what she has to say:
"You may have heard of the 'R+F glow' before. It's not just a saying we use, there's a science to it.
Sun damaged skin looks dull. The uneven pigmentation caused by the sun and build up of dead skin cells from lack of proper exfoliation makes the skin absorb rather than reflect light.
When you correct the sun damage and reveal the healthier layers underneath, the skin will actually reflect light and appear radiant.
(P.S., I'm wearing the same amount of makeup in both pictures.)"
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4 weeks ---> you'll notice.
8 weeks ---> they'll notice
12 weeks ---> they'll start asking if they're real!

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4 weeks ---> you'll notice.
8 weeks ---> they'll notice
12 weeks ---> they'll start asking if they're real!

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1. It MOISTURIZES the eye lash with sodium hyaluronate.
2. It NOURISHES the lash through 3 different amino acid peptides.
3. It PROTECTS the lash from breakage and brittleness with biotin and keratin!
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I've been using Rodan + Fields Lash Boost for the past 4 weeks and I LOVE the results I've seen so far! I've noticed my lashes are longer and fuller looking...more pics to come! Here are my progress photos using Lash Boost as directed. Everyone will have different experiences with the product #RFLashBoost #lashes #rodanandfields #ilovemyjob

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