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Start a love affair with your lashes. #RFLashBoost nourishes nightly with Keratin and Biotin. In weeks, you can build lashes so lush and long ~ mascara will be optional. Live. Lash. Love.

Christiana Nicole (@sunshineandskincare)

You might recognize this adorable gal from the sister of the traveling pants. Yep... she's a consultant too! How cool is that?! We actually have many actors, celebrities and pro athletes who are consultants. They get it.

I love her before & after - and yes, all the glory goes to none other than, Lash Boost! In both pics she's wearing the same liquid eyeliner, same mascara, and didn't even have to use an eyelash curler! 😍 100% her own lashes!
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Lauren Baxter (@lbgivesgreatskin)

Mascara only and red lips!! Love how simple my makeup routine is these days!! If only getting the girls ready and out the door was this easy!!! 🙄#rflashboost #redlips

Lori Zeller Young (@ilikebigpugsicannotlie)

Get your own ridiculous REAL lashes! #rflashboost

Olia (@legoshinaov)

Meet my amazing Zumba and Barre instructor, Mika! And check out her Lash Boost results! 😍 So happy you LOVE it, Mika! Thank you for sharing your before and after photo with me, and for all your referrals! Love you! ❤️❤️❤️
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Laura Lozoya (@lauralozoya7)

🎶 These lashes are on 🔥 🎶
Seriously though, these lashes are HOT!

I'm SO thankful to #RFLashBoost that we all can have lashes that are 100% natural, 100% yours! #lashes #lashesfordays #getsome

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Target always has the best hidden gems. This shirt was calling my name! #lashes #reallashes #RFLashBoost #askmeaboutmylashes

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Happy #LashWednesday! 😉 Excited to share my amazing #rflashboost results with you! Swipe right to see the transformation. I didn't realize how short my lashes were till I saw the side-by-side comparisons. It was literally eye-opening. I do my eyeliner the same and mascara the same. Link above for more info or dm me for questions. #natural #lashextensions #reallashes #lashes #wingiewinks

Karen Harris (@karenharris807)

#WowWednesday #rflashboost
1. It #MOISTURIZES the eye lash with sodium hyaluronate.
2. It #NOURISHES the #lash through 3 different amino acid peptides.
3. It #PROTECTS the lash from breakage and brittleness with biotin and keratin!
AND.... 🔘No prescription necessary! 🔘It’s a single tube application, so no multiple disposable brushes! 🔘Comes in a full 60-90 day quantity with our 60-day, money-back guarantee! 🔘Also effective on eyebrows

Lyndsi Frandsen (@lyndsifrandsen)

Our Reverse regimen is like a good dose of spring cleaning for your skin! It will leave you with a glowing complexion, a more even skin tone, and feeling ready to go foundation-free. ✨

Rodan+Fields Premium Skincare (@rodanfields_brenda)

With SUMMER 🌼☀️around the corner and everyone headed to the beautiful beach 🌊, Are you UV SAFE & SUMMER TAN READY?
•Did you know…..Last year our Sunless Tanner SOLD OUT for another consecutive year in a row! Are you surprise?! I’m not!! With AMAZING RESULTS like these, what are you waiting for? There’s no other way to put it, Rodan + Fields makes AMAZING products because they love their customers! •
•Get the perfect SPRING BREAK TAN using Rodan + Fields sunless tanner. •
•This 2017 SUMMER….Show off an even, natural-looking TAN without exposing your skin to the harmful, aging affects of the sun’s UVA/UVB rays. It’s lightweight and oil-free, essentials foaming Sunless Tan is easy to apply and it dries quickly on your skin. This dual-action sunless tanner contain anti-oxidant vitamins A,C and E to protect your skin from free radicals and RF-Dcell technology to quench the rate of cell hyper-proliferation for a longer lasting sunless tan. •
•IF you want FRESHER, YOUNGER looking SKIN in 2017, while still looking fabulous in a tan! STOP HESITATING! Get started on your journey to amazing skin! •
⭐️Essentials Foaming Sunless Tan - $23.00 (PC)
⭐️Essential Daily Body Moisturizer - $23.00 (PC)
⭐️Essential Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Body Sunscreen -$23.00 (PC)
⭐️Enhancements Microdermabrasion Paste - $72.00 (PC) - Will last approx. 3 months
Become my Preferred Customer (10% off, FREE SHIPPING) by the end of the month! Space is limited! Message me to get started and as a THANK YOU you’ll receive a FREE GIFT! 🤗😉
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Jessica Schwerdtfeger (@jessicaschwerdtfeger)

As someone who was not naturally blessed with long lashes, I sure am thankful for Lash Boost. I'm wearing mascara, but my lashes are already looking longer and fuller than they did a month ago. #rodanandfields #lifechangingskincare #rfconsultants #brownsrfballers #rflashboost

By Melissa Heyde🌸 (@mermaidmemos)

Love me some LASH BOOST 😍Lash Boost is a must have & is so easy to use. Just one swipe over each eyelid and/or brow and you're on your way to longer, darker, fuller looking lashes AND brows. Much cheaper than extensions and they're your own lashes. Clinically tested & backed by our 60 day love it or get your money back guarantee. Contact me & I'll be happy to help. #lashboost #longlashes #rflashboost

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Check out R+F consultant Colleen's skin and lashes transformation!! Her results are incredible! Glowing skin as the result of multi-med therapy and consistency! "From August 2014 to February 2017, my skin has DRAMATICALLY changed for the better. After one year of using Rodan + Fields, my skin is brighter and more even, with less evidence of the severe sun (and tanning bed 🙈) damage I subjected myself to for years.
My dark spots continue to fade, and I can go without makeup if I choose, which I could NEVER do comfortably before.
I know that years of damage equal years of healing, so I don't consider this a 'before and after,' I am a work in progress ❤️" Before: Full makeup (powder, bronzer, lip stick, eyeliner, mascara)
In Progress: Minimal makeup (bronzer, mascara, brow gel, lip renewing serum.) One year Reverse Regimen, Microdermabrasion Paste, Eye Cream, Lash Boost 4ish months ❤️
#TransformationTuesday #changeyourskin #multimedtherapy

Kim Schneiderhan (@kim_schneiderhan_rf)


In case you're wondering, this is what Reverse + AMP MD Roller + Lash Boost looks like.
Real people, real results.

What are you waiting for?! You deserve the best!

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Cindy (massey)McDaniel-Megaw (@cindymcdanielrfconsultant)

LOVING my #rflashboost results! My natural lashes look long and full and it only takes me 2 seconds a night! 🙌🏼 Ask me how you can get these amazing results too! #lashesonfleek #lashes #nolashextensions #yougonlearntoday

Joy Dearth (@jdearthrn)

🤔Hmmmm....What do YOU notice first?
Her gorgeous skin or her amazing lashes?
I can't decide because they're both on point!
#Reverseit #RFLashBoost #lifechangingskincare