Posh Panda (@p0shpanda)

How people feel when they miss out on an R+F Virtual Event. 😤😭🤧
Heeeeey it's OK. Really. 🤗Wanna know why? Because the event is still up for your viewing pleasure till tomorrow night! YES!!! Come learn about the business and products in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
HOW DOES THIS WORK? Sit in front of your computer 💻 or smart phone📱, enjoy a glass of wine🍷, and earn some chances for FREE swag🎁and CASH💰incentives!!! Maybe it’s a fit, maybe not! It doesn’t hurt to find out! Message me for an invite.

Amanda Coletta (@amandacoletta)

A sparkly pen, motivational notebook, warm german gluhwein and a new Disney cup straight from Epcot, and a laptop...All one needs to conduct a live training for 300+ team members in my pajamas!
#bossbabe #rflife #gluhwein #believeinmagic #nevergiveup #epcot

Stacy Foster (@fitnesslovejoy)

On that note...Going to sleep with a clean face and wearing sunscreen tomorrow. Message me if you want want to join me in cleaning the slate with premium skincare by world-renowned dermatologists #rflife #aginginreverse #growingupnotold

Yvonne Falduti (@freepeoplefan)

•You: I'm broke.
*Me: Join R+F.
•You: I'm always at work.
*Me: Join R+F.
•You: I never see my kids.
*Me: Join R+F.
•You: I hate my job.
*Me: Join R+F.
•You: I have no retirement savings.
*Me: Join R+F.
•You: I need a permanent vacation.
*Me: Join R+F.
•You: I need more friends.
*Me: Join R+F.
•You: I want financial freedom.
*Me: Join R+F.
•You: I want to lead a team and inspire.
*Me: Join R+F.
•You: I want to change lives, help charities.
*Me: Join R+F.
•You: I don't have money to join R+F.
*Me: Then what you're doing isn't working. Join R+F! #rflife #rodanandfields

Chandra Essex (@chandra.essex)

Tonight was the Bronco Village Chili Competition with 19 entries! I had some good chili, and definitely a lot of variety. Thanks to all the students who participated. #lotsofchili #atetoomuch #rflife #teamimpact

Pam Marinelli (@pammiegmcg)

Be someone they can look up to! #rflife #pammiegmcg

Shea Maple (@smaple73)

Person 1: I can’t do it, I have 3 kids, a husband, backed up on bills and credit cards, working 50+ hours per week, it’s just not realistic...⠀ Person 2: I HAVE to do it, I have 3 kids, backed up on bills and credit cards, working 50+ hours per week, this is something I have to do, for my family to get out of the situation I’m in.....⠀

Same circumstance = excuse or motivation
Everyone wants it...Not everyone is willing to work for it. Don’t be person 1. Let your circumstances drive you to do something different. What do you want 2017 to look like? What are you willing to do to get there?

I used to be person 1 and now I'm person 2 because I know there is a better way! And I love mentoring others who are of like mind and heart to achieve the same. If you don't Take A Chance how will your life look a year from now?
#momboss #RFlife #LetYourCurcumstacesDriveYou #takeachance #takealeapoffaith #beyourownboss

Christina Wyatt (@thechristinawyatt)

Well the word is out! 📣
I knew it wouldn’t be long before the beauty bloggers and beauty editors started giving us FREE press on Lash Boost. A product that has EXCEEDED even my wildest expectations (and apparently this blogger’s as well)!!! Did you know Rodan + Fields pays for NO ADVERTISEMENT but in 2015 had over 233 MILLION media mentions. Talk about impressive!!!! Covered by a 60 day empty bottle money back guarentee, this stuff is INCREDIBLE!!!!! ❤️

Want to check out the article? http://www.15minutebeauty.com/2017/01/things-im-loving-in-2017.html?m=1 ** FREE gift when you join as a Preferred Customer this month **
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Megan Sumrell (@megansumrell)

Even with the flu turned into walking pneumonia, I can STILL grow a business....from my bed ! #rflife. #workanywhere

Natasha {Castillo} Remos (@theremoscasa)

I'm seriously addicted to Lash Boost! Look at my 12 week results on Lash Boost and no mascara - just a curler! Message me to get started! ✨Save 10% and get FREE SHIPPING https://natasharemos.myrandf.com #LashBoost #LifeChangingSkincare #LoveYourLashes #rflife

Kathryn Bolay-Staude (@kbstaude)

You: I'm broke.
Me: Join R+F.
You: I'm always at work.
Me: Join R+F.
You: I never see my kids.
Me: Join R+F.
You: I hate my job.
Me: Join R+F.
You: I have no retirement savings.
Me: Join R+F.
You: I need a permanent vacation.
Me: Join R+F.
You: I need more friends.
Me: Join R+F.
You: I want financial freedom.
Me: Join R+F.
You: I want to lead a team and inspire.
Me: Join R+F.
You: I want to change lives, help charities.
Me: Join R+F.
You: I don't have money to join R+F.
Me: Then what you're doing isn't working. Join R+F!
I'm ready when you are! ;)
#justhopingforchangedoesntchangethings #bethechangeyouwanttosee #ididandamsothankful #RFlife #lifechangingskincare #joinmyteam #nothingchangesifnothingchanges

Alicia Smith (@asmith35rf)

You could exfoliate like this, it's actually quite effective. But I prefer R+F microdermabrasion paste. The blend of salt and sugar polishes skin and leaves it so soft and smooth ❤️ #teamBelieve #RFLife

Alicia Bunce (@aliciaoc714)

I just had to share Natalie's results with Lash Boost and even what our Amazing Doctor's had to say to her!

Here is what Natalie said:
"Over the past few days I was at our Rodan + Fields HQ with 90+ other TOP leaders in our biz strategizing over the next years to come for our company!! #HugeHonor
Well, during our lunch break in walks our founders Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields!! Yup!! So fun!! Well, Katie walks over to our table and gives me and the girls a hug and then pushes me back and her jaw drops and she says, " Whoa!!! Your lashes are gorgeous!! I mean WOW!! They are simply stunning!! Do you have a before and after pic? I am just amazed! So happy our products are working for you all!" LOVE that even our founders and creators of LASH BOOST are amazed at the results coming in from their product. It's REALLY that INCREDIBLE!!🙌🏼" If you want Longer, Darker, Fuller Looking Lashes like Natalie and myself and so many others MESSAGE me let's order you some... the worst that can happen you try it aren't impressed and in 60 days get your money back.. OR you try it love it and have everyone Rave about your lashes 😍 EITHER WAY it's a Win WIN! 😘
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Emie Caguioa (@emiec47.rf)

Hear me out and think about this... Everyone has skin.
(E v e r y o n e.) Everyone is aging.
(E v e r y o n e.) Everyone's heard of Proactiv.
(Pretty much e v e r y o n e.) Proactiv is sold in over 180 countries.
(So far Rodan + Fields is only in 2... T W O.) And this time, the doctors' advertising budget for global expansion goes to consultants like ME.

You do the math.
When I say this is the opportunity of a lifetime, I MEAN IT.

#rodanandfields #rflife #dreamitpursueit #dreambigger #dreambig #pursueyourdreams #comingsoontoaustralia #australia #thinkaboutit #joinme #dontwatchme #joinmyteam

Maren Scruggs (@marenscruggs)

Opening the mail today and receiving these beauties was a wonderful surprise!! Thank you @ltuggle for being such a generous friend and business partner. I LOVE them!! 😘
#rflife #redefineyourfuture #lifechangingskincare #joinus