poof poof motha fuckas (@louis_thepomsky)

it’s hard being me :/ #poofkidding #imakemoneymoves😏🤑 thanks @alysonkatz for the glam and photo and for making me look so scrumptious🤤

Samantha Troup (@sosavagesam)

This Thanksgiving he’s thankful for diamonds and the paparazzi. #happythanksgiving #pomeranian #dogsofinstagram #richdogsofig #rexusminimus

Norm (@notesfromnorm)

{thankful} wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving 💛 norm

Ella & Oliver (@ellalovesoliver)

Have you missed me? Do you think about me in your dreams...wait don’t answer that, I already know you do. Anyway, I stole my humans phone this morning and added my account to his new phone. It seems SOMEONE forgot about my dear fans who have been waiting in anticipation for MY posts (not Oliver’s) well dearies, the bitch is back! - Ella 👄

Gigi // NYC Dog Model (@gigi_snuggles)

What a time to be ALIVE! 😍 It’s Sunday and still the weekend! 🖤💙 This crisp weather has me wanting to pull out all my sweaters. A perfect time to be EXTRA 🙌✨ #slayallday ✨ I made so many new friends at #PetCon yesterday (hurry and see my Stories) it was PAWsome! I even picked up new swag 🛍️🛍️ cause really how could I not? 🤷‍♀️ #livingthefablife #livelarge #beextra #dogsinclothes #imkindofabigdeal 📸 @damondahlen