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7 days ago, I got the worst news I've probably heard since my parents died. I was just in disbelief. Still at a lost for words. Had a video shoot and I was just totally out it and I cancelled it. R.I.P to Prodigy of Mobb Deep ... One of my top 5 favorite rappers of all time, One of the greatest rappers of all time, A Queens legend, and A music icon. My God my brother u will truly be missed !!! Looked up to u as a kid. Met u as a man and eventually became friends wit u. Was blessed to meet u, blessed to brush shoulders and share the same room wit u. U once sat and listened to my whole mixtape and u critiqued it and u didn't have to ! U r truly a legend. U embraced us. U tried to work wit niggas, regardless of our street ties or mistakes. And when things happened, and u fell back, I was never mad at u. Bcuz I understand business. U still put me in positions to be seen and heard, and I will never forget u ! GOD BLESS U. Sleep in Paradise, and May u Rest in Peace my brother ...#mobbdeep #prodigymobbdeep #dahollows #RIP #4eva

Movie Aholic (@instamovieaholic)

Morre o ator Michael Nyqvist.
Ele participou de filmes como "John Wick" e "Missão Impossível".
A família divulgou a seguinte nota:
"A alegria e paixão de Michael eram contagiosas para aqueles que o conheciam e amavam. Seu charme e carisma eram inegáveis e sua paixão pelas artes era sentida por todos que trabalharam com ele".
Michael lutava contra um câncer no pulmão.
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Robert Earl Davis Jr. "DJ Screw" will forever be remembered for his music and especially toda. #june27th
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It Is I, Lance (@kurosespams)

Idk if I'm going to finish this one I sorta dont like the pose but eh another sketch of Jonathan
It was an idea upon how he met Camelia but nope this drawing went south xD .
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Kristian Montaner (@kristian_ocbjj)

Can't believe it's already been two years since you've left us..... If you ever met Justin on the outside you would think he was a dork (and he was hahaha) but if you were one of his friends, he was the sweetest, coolest, and most of all funniest guy you'll ever meet in your life..... Funny was an understatement for him hahaha.... I have stories upon stories with the guy growing up....like how he bet me one time that I couldn't eat 3 Pete and Elda pies at once (didn't go so well for me hahaha) or when I bet him that he couldn't drink a gallon of milk in under a hour (didn't go well for him as well)..... Or how he bought a $200 Simpson arcade machine because he won a poker tournament the night before .....he was random and you never knew what he was about to do but you knew he meant well and you knew that he was amazing.....tonight I'm gonna go get some surf taco in your honors my man.... I love you and I still miss you buddy.....I'll see you on the other side my friend .....God Bless #missyou #thankyou #friendsforever #JCSmoodge #RIP

💦DC💦 (@calllmeedc)

Who did this and why 😤😡 RIP CUZ RIP watch over me and the family 🙏🙏👼🏽 love you #longlivequa #rip #flyhighqua