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So I was going to hit my PR which was 2 plates my leg starting cramping up real bad since its still somewhat recovering when I got hit by a car. But I was happy I picked up the bar so there's a win . I see progress as an essential need for everyone in any way possible. Worst case scenario; not doing anything is the worst anyone can do. Keep fighting guys, the results will be unforgettable .😊👍💪👌🏋️🏖️💪#deadlifting#muscles #muscle #rippedbody#ripped #rippedlifestlye#gym #gymworkouts #gymislife #gyminspiration #gym💪💪 #workout #healthyeating #healthy #healthylifestyle #living #livin

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This fourth part of my Complete Nutrition Set Up Guide covers nutrient timing.
An understanding of these principles will protect you from an area of the fitness industry that is rife with dubious claims and charlatanry.
It shouldn’t be controversial: The science is around 90% clear on what matters in this area, and it’s only the barely consequential remainder that researchers are trying to figure out.
The good news is that you have a fair degree of flexibility in the way you can set things up. Just follow the framework and guidelines here, and you are all set to crush it - https://rippedbody.com/complete-diet-nutrition-set-up-guide/#timing #Rippedbody #timing #nutrients #health #fitness #ripped #physique #macros #like #follow

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