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We partnered with one of our favorite makeup artists, @alanajmakeup, to give away three Complete Organics products. Our Argan Rosehip Oil Therapeutic Serum which is great for aging skin, Argan Marula Oil Therapeutic Serum which is amazing for oily skin aand Organic Marula Oil which is incredible for those with enlarged pores.
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Just some updated #impressions and thoughts on #products I have been using over the past few weeks alongside other staples or #empties that are now long gone. ✔️ @drunkelephantskincare #BHydra 💧 & #CFirma 🍊. SO weird how tables have turned, I always alwaaaays wanted the B Hydra full size and wasn't interested in C Firma, now it's the opposite after using them. If I had money to burn I would get B Hydra anyway just from the purity and composition of its INCI but results-wise I get the same from Neutrogena Hydro Boost 🤷🏻‍♀️ C Firma on the other hand is 👌🏼although I am SOO open to Vitamin C serum suggestions as this stuff is $$$ . Personally, I love it because it is L-AA which I feel I will see he most results from, so if you do have any ideas let me know. ✔️ @deciem #TheOrdinary #OrganicColdPressed #RosehipSeedOil 👏🏼 love it, beautiful silky texture that melts into #dry skin, I have used very water-y oils before and I feel as though they sit on top of the #skin whereas this stuff absorbs very quickly and is great under makeup and before bed. Versatile. ✖️ #UltraFacialCream ☁️I've used the full size before and I want to get some more Kiehls into my routine but even after grabbing another sample of it Im not wow'd. Don't get me wrong it is a great functional face moisturizer theres no doubt but it is boring and I tried to finish my full size pot very quickly i remember. Its good for dry skin and it ticks all of the boxes and I should love it but im like meh, what kiehls products do you recommend? 〰️ @jergensaustralia #ultrahealing moisturiser. Functional. 🛁 Im kind of snobby when it comes to drugstore skincare and body care, I will buy it if it has good reviews no doubt but I rarely impulse buy at the drugstore or supermarket. I was food shopping about a week ago and realized I was low on 'buffer' moisturizer to go along with my AHA/BHA ones for my body and I quickly grabbed this as it says it contains a bunch of #vitamins to heal scars and pigmentation. So far I haven't noticed a difference with any of my body #pigmentation BUT it has helped #hydrate my dry skin especially on my shoulders, knees and elbows IMMENSELY. Cont...

Gensen Japan- Onsen Skincare (@gensenjapan)

By concentrating on precision, one arrives at technique, but by concentrating on technique one does not arrive at precision.

Gensen Japan- Onsen Skincare (@gensenjapan)

Kintsugi (金継ぎ) is the art of repairing broken pottery with gold, silver or platinum. As a philosophy kintsugi embodies the embracement of what's flawed and imperfect. Thus, it accepts the breakage and repair of an object as part of it's history rather than something to be disguised.

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Testing out these little guys this week! I've heard GREAT things about The Ordinary @deciem (who hasn't!?) I bought mine off @makeupobsessives as there is a really informative page about the products, perfect for my brain to understand 😏 aaaaandd it was super fast delivery 👌

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Artful Botanical Serum: wheatgerm, jojoba, calendula oil (calendula solar🌞 infused in hempseed/evoo), cotton candy scented. For a special customer/friend😊. Pink sugar skull, sea glass, calendula petals, pink reindeer moss.😁. 1 oz, 2oz, 4oz.. $8, $13.50, $20...available in oil scent of choice.
Greast for hair, skin, nails/cuticle treatment. Also a great daily moisturizer, non pore clogging, very light/"dry oils.".packed with vitamins, antioxidants. pro aging serum!
GET IT WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! I accept pay pal and square. Flat rate shipping $6 So shop away!🙏💓 DM or comment for purchase!💞
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For this #transformationtuesday, I decided to share the results of my "6-Month No Makeup Challenge", which actually turned into 7 months lol. By the end of last year, I found myself feeling like I wasn't worthy of love and attention if I didn't have a face full of makeup on. I didn't like that feeling, so I decided to pull myself waaayyyy out of my comfort zone and not wear makeup at all. The beginning was hard, especially since I didn't have hair to hide behind anymore lol. But slowly, as my skin improved, so did my confidence. My skin is nowhere near perfect, but I'm so much happier with my bare face now than I was at the beginning of the year. Click the link in my bio to see the last update as well as my current skincare routine ✨(Edit: My skin did not get lighter, it's just different lighting in the pictures)
#skincare #dermae #pachasoap #charcoalsoap #rosewatertoner #arganoil #rosehipseedoil #vitmaneoil #skincarejourney #skincaretransformation #nomakeup #healthyskin #hyperpigmentation #darkspots #skincareroutine #wellnessjourney #positivevibes #positivethinking #positivemindset #staypositive #bepositive #mentalgrowth #spiritualgrowth #selflove #healthylifestyle #veganskincare #healthiswealth #healthymindhealthybody #jennarevamped

Affordable Organic Skincare 🍃 (@organicskinshop)

We love this beauty to the max! Thank you so much for sharing your love for the 'Miss Fix It' reparative rose beauty oil. Head to her page to see her mini lip tutorial using the beauty oil. 😉🌹#Repost @lexipollock_ ・・・
Although I got cut off... I followed with @hudabeauty lip kit as well as the chromatic addict @milanicosmetics liquid lipstick to create this penny peach lip.
Check out @organicskinshop you won't be disappointed. This stuff is rocking my socks and keeping me in trend.

🌈PbySO®️ KlappersCo Johor, KB (@aani.organics)

Apa fungsi tiap bahan yang ada dalam Face Oil PbySO®️?
✌🏻Golden Jojoba Oil - Jojoba Oil bertindak sebagai SPF4 untuk melindungi kulit dari sinaran UV. Menghidupkan sel sel kulit yang dah rosak dan mati dengan cepat & semulajadi.

Juga tinggi kandungan Vitamin E dan Vitamin B kompleks.

Superb untuk ubati jerawat pasir/bernanah & pada masa yang sama berfungsi untuk mengawal pengeluaran minyak di muka.
✌🏻Coconut Oil - Natural anti bakteria. Membunuh bakteria yang menyebabkan jerawat. Melegakan kulit yang luka akibat jerawat dan akibat sensitif pada persekitaran & cuaca.
✌🏻Lavender EO - Mengurangkan jerawat yang bengkak & bernanah. Memudarkan parut jerawat baru dengan berkesan & cepat.
✌🏻Sweet Almond Oil - Merupakan pelembap yang sangat baik pada kulit kering, jeragat & kulit berminyak, membuatkan kulit jadi lembut dan licin dan tidak terlalu berminyak.

Kaya dengan vitamin E dan akan menggalakan pengeluaran kolagen dan kulit jadi berseri dan sihat.
✌🏻Aprikot Kernel Oil - Bantu kulit untuk maintain pengeluaran minyak keluar. Kulit akan lembap pada skala yang sihat. Dan melambatkan proses penuaan.
✌🏻Flaxseed Oil - Mengurangkan eczema,psoriasis, kulit sensitif, mencerahkan parut & sekatakan tona kulit.
✌🏻Rosehip Seed Oil - Blemish FREE! Buat kulit jadi lembut, lembap & glowing. Parut lama & baru pudar dengan cepat.
✌🏻Vitamin E Oil - Mengecutkan jerawat tanpa buat jerawat tu tinggalkan parut/kesan. Juga bertindak sebagai pengawet.
💰Buat pembelian dari:
📲+6011 1943 4746 (Kota Bharu/Tumpat)
📲+6016 748 3697 (Skudai/Kulai/Senai/Nusajaya/Gelang Patah)
👣Walk in : TSWARDROBE.CO, Ground Floor, next to The H Restaurant (Corner Lot) in front of Dobi Cuci Cuci and Assam Laksa, area Tesco Kota Bharu,Kelantan
🕰️Hours: 11AM–10PM(open everyday)
Let's get pure🌿
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👄บำรุงล้ำลึก ให้ปากชุ่มชื้น ทาลิปออกมาเริ่ดซะขนาดนี้ จะไม่พกติดตัวไว้ได้ไง😘 นวัตกรรมใหม่ในการบำรุงริมฝีปาก เพื่อความนุ่มชุ่มชื่น และเรียบเนียน 💥💥มีโปรฯ ตลอดทั้งเดือนสิงหาคมนี้
ซื้อ 2 ชิ้น 1,150 บาท แถมฟรีๆ ไปเลย 1 ชิ้น ส่งฟรี EMS🎁
📞สอบถาม/สั่งซื้อ ได้ที่
LINE ID : Lingnoi_jeakjeak
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Treat yourself to some luxury Japanese skincare, because you deserve the best!
Gensen provides the ultimate hydration while smoothing fine lines, diminishing age spots and protecting the skin from pollutants in the environement!

Learn more at

GLOW (@glow_bhw)

Glow 101: NaPCA Moisture Mist is more than a way to freshen up - this oil-free moisturising spray gives your skin a dewy glow. A very effective humectant and perfect for the face, hair and body when you need a moisture boost. You can also apply it before putting on makeup to prime your skin for the day!

Gensen Japan- Onsen Skincare (@gensenjapan)

Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late