Tessa (@messybun13.1)

Feeling #thankful after an 8 mile morning run. 🇺🇸 #memorialday #usa #thankyou

Stephanie Pi (@stephpiruns)

Dedicating this long run to all of the lives lost and wounded in war 🇺🇸 don't forget what Memorial Day is about..so many brave souls fighting for our freedom 💙❤️

Matt Bader (@mtbader)

Memorial Day run/high grass bushwhack along the MST! Don't forget to check yourself for ticks, kids!

Jenna Rose (@jennarunshappy)

Dad just told me I'm killing 25 because I can day drink and still run a 10K. I think I'm killing 25 because I have amazing friends & family to do that stuff with. Amazing 10K on my favorite route with my fav old man (daddy). I am so happy he is able to be active with me and always pushes me a little harder. 💕👟| #runHAPPY #lovetorun #runme #mainerunning #mainerunner #womensrunningcommunity #runnerscommunity #furtherfasterforever #running #runner #runitfast #worlderunners #wherearetherunners #happyrunner #runnersworld #iloverunning #werunsocial #run #instarun #instarunners #runnersofinstagram #fitframeapp @fitframe

Running Northwest (@runningnwmag)

Super fun one this morning in the @hokaoneone Arahi tracing Portland's White Stag. Check out @genelu and his IG for this and many more complete with turn by turn.

Alex In Texas (@alexb214)

Happy Memorial day! 37 miles dedicated to everyone in the military service that paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Today is my birthday so I chose 37 miles. It was a tough 37 miles today but my thoughts were heavy with everyone that was in the service that is no longer here. When the pain(knee) would kick in I would just imagine of what the military people might have went through. I would suck it up and keep moving. And on side note I just noticed my total running time is almost the same the same time as my tri from last week. 🤔. #memorialday #birthdayrun #runitfast #furtherfasterforever #strava #stravaproveit #ultramarathon #running #hungry

Anna Noel (@annanoel_fit)

My first 5K is in the books! I loved it! Yes, I have run 3 full marathons and 5 half marathons, but this was my first 5K. Something is up with the official results, it is showing gun time, not chip time. It currently shows 23:09, my watch says 23:04, So it's somewhere around that. I'm happy with my negative splits and finishing 2nd in my age group! The humidity was high, like 95%, but the temp was only around 70° which helped so much! Now, I can't wait for the next one! Sub 22 will be my goal for the next one! 🇺🇸#memorialday Remembering those who gave all today 🇺🇸
#fitmom #fit #run #runner #memorialdayweekend #runday #5k #usa #race #runchat #runningmom #runningcommunity #runalways #runwild #runitfast #runnershigh #runhappy #runnersofinstagram #teamrun4prs #run4prs

John Josef (@run.johnny.run)

I thought it was an easy 5 miles as I let my pace naturally go, but my watch says I need 42 hrs of recovery 🤔. Either way. It felt so good to just enjoy the route

Rafaela Bueno (@rafabuenovet)

1 ano hoje. 1 ano da minha primeira Maratona. 1 ano desde um dos melhores dias da minha vida. Antes de fazer a Maratona do Rio em 2016 eu dizia que só queria fazer isso uma vez. Quando passei pela linha de chegada já queria de novo. E agora faltam 13 dias para eu fazer 42.195m pela segunda vez em Porto Alegre. Dessa vez com uma meta ousada e com muito mais experiência. Treinar para Maratona é algo que muda a gente por dentro, para sempre. Nos tornamos corredores diferentes, pessoas diferentes. É realmente outro papo. Mas adianto: para ser gostoso mesmo e para valer a pena, tem que gostar. Tem que correr pelo motivo certo. Não é pelos outros, é por você. Maratona tem que ser por amor. Eu sei que amo muito. A primeira vez a gente nunca esquece, e agora espero que a segunda vez seja ainda mais doce. Obrigada, Rio, por tudo que me ensinou. Vou para POA com uma lembrança muito gostosa e com a mesma paixão. E que venham muitas outras maratonas lindas pela frente! There is no finish line. 💜🙇 #vemjunto #throwback #nikegirlsbr #marathontraining #rumoapoa #teamnelsonevencio #girlswhorun #boracorrerhoje #justdoit

Sarah • Ariel • Abby (@fit.ele)

My sisters and I started out the holiday right running a 5k! I won 2nd female overall! 🎉 It wasn't a PR but I'll take it 9 days post marathon! 👊 God bless America! Happy Memorial Day friends! 🇱🇷 #memorialday #fitfam #runnergirls

Alberto Tejerina (@aetejerina)

'What makes the desert beautiful,' said the little prince, 'is that somewhere it hides a well...' - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince 🏜️
#fiambala #fiambaladeserttrail #catamarca #argentina