🐱Åsa (@catasas)

Jag tog en cykeltur på eftermiddagen.

道草屋 -michikusaya- (@michikusaya)

七北田川と梅田川の合流地点まで行ってきた。 #run #running #runkeeper

Anna Eriksson (@annaeriksson88)

Börjar sakta men säkert få tillbaka tränings glädjen! Gick till gymmet idag men i fel skor så fick skavsår och fick skjuts halva vägen hem av lossas mor 😃 körde lite axlar och rygg 😊 #gym #runkeeper #otränad #icaniwill #minresaräknas

Mary Savage 🌻 (@marysavage_)

Day 53: Top tip for running - try and stay upright!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Had a little fall a mile into my run today, but kept going and still got to 3 miles 🏃🏻‍♀️ and it only took me a few minutes longer than usual.

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Horikawa (@hori_kawa)

2017.8.21 🏃💦
While holding down the accumulated feelings,
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Ксения Голубицкая (@kseniiagolubitskaia)

Бег был кружочками,на родном школьном стадионе #бег #здоровье #runkeeper #роднаяшкола

joijaxx (@joijaxx)

When you go out for a long run on the trails and remember by mile 6 that the trail you are on is very technical and hilly! Tripped several times and fell once because of the hidden rocks and tree roots. I love this trail though-Paumanok and Northwest. I like to not drive to trails unless I'm already nearby, I like being able to leave my house and just start running and my goal is to run from my house to the bluffs of Cedar Point Park. Since the 9 mile mark was Scoy Pond yesterday, I would say to get to Cedar Pt would be a 24 mile round tripper..hilly no less.😩😩. Anyway enjoy this glacial erratic from a weeknight run last week. This is the biggest one I've ever seen! About 10 ft high and maybe 25 ft deep. They are left over from the retreating glaciers that formed little ol' Long Island. This one is on the Springs-Amagansett trail. Make a left here and you hook up with the Paumanok Path again and enter the magical beech forest. Happy Eclipse Day! #iloverunning

Brian Stewart (@faith_runner)

I was nominated by @fruitfully_fit_runner to do a running selfie and tell why I love to #run . I have numerous reason. Time to reflect on the days events, past or future, according to what time of the day I run. Being alone on a country dirt road is great prayer time for me. No distractions! And there is always the health benefits..lol.

Amanda Bird (@mommybird216)

First interval workout using Runkeeper. Totally kicked my butt, even wore out little Aubrey 😉I totally didn't want to run because it was already hot and humid, but I committed to running after we put the kids on the bus, so I did it anyways. #runkeeper #runkeeperapp #momoftwoboysandonegirl #aubreystyle💜 #wornout #runkeepertraining