Nich Panice (@vido_trailrunner82)

Just a little training run today. Ready for 100 miler in 20 days!

Carly Morgan Groff (@cmgroff)

Rock The Parkway is only 4 weeks away. It’s crunch time!!! How are all my other half marathoner friends doing? Who ran this morning? #runkansas #runnersofinstagram #bamr #runlongrunhappy

WAHOO! Running (@wahoorun)

WAHOO! Treadmill Workout:
1 mile WU
3 x 60 sec sprint/ 60 sec jog
4 x 45 sec sprint/ 45 sec jog
5 x 30 sec sprint/ 30 sec walk
X 2
1 mile CD #boomer

WAHOO! Running (@wahoorun)

Whether it’s the start of a race or the start of March madness as soon as the gun goes off or the ball is tipped it’s go time.
All the training, all the ups and downs or wins and losses they don’t matter anymore. Putting it all together at the right time is what matters most. I love that about NCAA basketball tournament. Every year there are crazy upsets. Which teams will come to play that day ?
I’m here in Pittsburg watching the Oklahoma Sooners. They have had one heck of a ride thus far. #4 in the nation to barely making the tournament. What I love most is that they have a clean slate to show the nation what they are made of. I mean they don’t call it March madness for nothing .
You can train your hardest and best, but anything can happen on race day. Some of my best races have been on the fly, some of the worst with the highest expectations and best training. Everything's fair in love and racing, just like March Madness. Except with running there's always a second chance. 💚 Coach Carlee

WAHOO! Running (@wahoorun)

Spring is Coming
The days are getting longer, and the world is getting brighter. It’s easy to be inspired by the promise of spring. It makes me come alive and get moving a little quicker. .
WAHOO! Workout: Band Work + Easy 6 + Fast Finish 2

WAHOO! Running (@wahoorun)

WAHOO! Micala. 29:21 5k. First time to break 30 minutes. 👏🏻💚 We are proud of your hard work and dedication to your training. Next up Nashville Rock N Roll Half Marathon.

Chelsea (@chelsontherun)

“Luck and hard work have something to do with success, but it’s often the relationships you cultivate that can help you regroup.” 🏃🏻‍♀️💙☀️
10 Sunday Runday miles in Hamburg this evening after a great 25th birthday weekend with my best friends from all parts of life- childhood, high school, college, and grad school. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to help me rejuvenate and remember how blessed I truly am before starting my 4th and final PT school clinical tomorrow morning!

connor smith (@connor.jsmith.cs)

Long! muddy! hilly! Just how it should be! Finished my first edale skyline race and first race of the English fell running champs, still not 100% but get another chance at a long race later in the year and was still an epic race and I loved 99% of it. #fellrunning #hillsfordays #englishchamps #runlongrunhappy

WAHOO! Running (@wahoorun)

There is no better way to discover a new city then to run through it. It’s fun to unplug, observe, and take in your new surroundings.
I like to run in the early mornings and watch as the city comes alive.
I also find it fun to explore the touristy locations before all the people arrive.
Next time you find yourself in a new city give it a try . It’s amazing what you will discover on a run. #happyrunning #happyfriday

WAHOO! Running (@wahoorun)

Celebrating International Women’s Day
These women are world changers! They are changing their own lives for the better one step at a time. By making good, strong decisions, like getting out of bed and running most mornings, they equip themselves with the tools they need to face whatever this world throws their way. Be inspired by them! Take care of you and the world around you.
WAHOO! Workout: OTF Moore
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