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The goal of this run was always going to be to survive. A 70 minute 10 miler after a 9 hour workday is tough enough but the wind whipping through KC tonight didn’t make it any easier. That being said tonight went more smoothly than I had anticipated and I think that’s a good sign - training os right on track. How was your run today? I had a case of #mondaymotivation today and feel really good about alot of things.

SPD (@spdsingapore)

Because we can all be more - Ariff "Doubts kill more than failures ever will" is a motto that SPD Youth Aspiration Award 2017 recipient Muhammad Ariff bin Mohd Ilyas lives by. The 20-year-old lost his hearing in his right ear when he was in kindergarten and was constantly teased when he was in primary school.

A turning point took place when he was 13 years old when he found out that his father was in the Singapore national track and field team! However, at 1.5m tall and weighing 90kg, he had people telling him that he wouldn't be able to run because he was fat. Determined to improve himself, Ariff underwent intense training and had a good diet plan which helped him lose 20kg in a span of six months, and thanks to a growth spurt, he shot to 1.7m.

Ariff was committed to his newfound love and trained hard for it. His perseverance paid off when he represented his school the following year in the Singapore National School Games. Ariff did not feel that his hearing loss has affected his track and field performance although a disadvantage would be a slower reaction time at the start of the race as the command to start the race is given on the right side of the track, "I had to catch-up real fast after that," he said.

During training one day, Ariff tore his ligament which put his training to a halt. Many told him to stop pursuing his dreams, but he did not want to give up. He was back on the tracks shortly after and trained even harder to catch up. Ariff is currently pursuing his diploma in sports science at @republicpoly and hopes to be called up by the national track and field team one day.

Ariff's priority for the future is to be self-reliant, and he hopes to have a family of his own and lead a happy life. "Enjoy what life gives you and be thankful for what you have," Ariff concluded.

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Família AR, obrigado por nunca deixar a magia do Alagoas Running acabar, por sempre vestir e gritar #SimboraAlagoas, por sempre me motivar.
Que a felicidade de todos seja regra e não exceção.
Que um seja todos e todos sejam um! 👊🏻

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No me acordaba lo agotador y friolento que era correr en la patagonia xD dandolo todo contra mucho mucho viento y alturas, era el único corriendo por la ciudad xD
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2018: RUN 🏃🏻‍♀️

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What’s your Running Origin story? See my new blog (link in bio) for mine. We all start somewhere. Maybe it was something that happened to you. Maybe u looked in the mirror one day. Maybe you saw someone do something. Whatever it was - there was a moment when you said - “It’s time to run.” Mine was 10 years ago while living in NYC working in finance 90 hrs a week. It started then and continues today. Tag a runner who has a great story to share. #runners #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #runner
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Ahh yeah Monday! Start of a brand new running week! I wish I felt this good waking up in the morning. 🏃🏽‍♀️💨 PC 📷: @runitdee

Jay for Ethyc (@j4ethyc)

Had a great workout, guess no one wanted to go to the gym on a snow day. .
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