Melissa Becker (@motherrunnermel)

"Her choking inspired her to vow 'never again,' and this vow pushed her to discover the helpful trick of comparing her present physical suffering in crucial moments of a race against the future emotional suffering that would await her if she allowed herself to choke again."- How Bad Do You Want It
Chicago October 2016, minutes after a 3:27:33 finish. And 10 days after the rejection email from the B.A.A. missing the cut off to run Boston 2017 by 31 seconds.
That's what fueled me that day and pushed me to secure my spot for Boston 2018 (🤞🏼). I fought stomach cramps from mile 8. I gagged through gels just to ensure I had enough calories to carry me to the end. I felt my calves seize and cramp for miles from a bland diet and not enough salt intake the week prior (stupid mistake from traveling and not having my normal diet on available). I had two options that day:
either fight with the God given determination instilled in me to go against all the negativity thrown at me,
or deal with the heart ache of defeat again.
I chose, and continue to choose the former. 👊🏼
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7
📸: @katieallen1001 (thanks for capturing the reality of fighting the good fight.)

Leanne Rosser (@lulurunstexas)

Went to see the movie Patriots Day last night, very somber, no surprise there, but still a great movie. Made the mistake of eating to much ( buttered) popcorn and was up half the night with an upset stomach. ( lesson learned for real this time) needless to say, my long run early this morning, was WAY to long. But ✅ done. On a brighter note, I won the drawing for a free entry to the #woodlandshalfmarathon and #vip pass!!!
Courtesy of #fleetfeet ..
15.50 miles Saturday long run

Tyler Vande Lune (@tylervxc)

As some of you know, i've been dealing with back problems for almost a full year now and I'm finally starting to feel better with some of the PT and the running program I started recently, which involves core strengthening & getting my cadence up to at least 180 steps per minute, this is what the metronome is set to in the background. The last time I felt this good was last summer before cross started. I'm excited to finally be able to start running again pain free! Track here I come😈

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Caron Louise (@this.girl.caron)

I love you all ❤️ I love your pictures, reading your posts, hearing about your runs, talking about your training and the foods you eat. You see, I want you to succeed. I want to be a part of your journey. I come here and read your stories like I used to read novels. I get concerned when you're injured or your run was cut short because your child was sick. I root for you when I know there's a big race or you're going for a PR. I feel your pain on hills day and get the difficulty of fitting in training with kids, work and spouses. I know you're real people, not characters in a book and that makes it so much more special.
I started my run today a little annoyed at something I read online. It made me feel like I shouldn't be posting about my runs or what I do. But then I thought about it for a few kms and realized that I don't care if someone is sick of seeing my posts and needs to tell it to the world. Your stories motivate me and I hope mine motivates you. So my friends, please keep posting about your runs, rides, races and training! I love your stories and can't wait to see you crush your goals. Shout your story as loud as you need and know I'm listening and got your back ✌️
AND it's a great day because I found my lost mitt and got in 16 kms before noon - bam 💥
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Adam Swiat (@runner_dad_24)

What do you do when it's near 60° in Ohio on January 21st? You find a way to get outside and run that's what you do LOL. That's exactly what I did. Was able to get outside for a bit. I got 6 strong miles in. I might have gone for a few more miles, but somewhere around mile 4.5 I had to do a 200 yard sprint to get away from a couple of dogs who were out for a good time themselves. Either way it felt great to get outside and run. Looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.
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Cameron Zimick (@cameronzimickfitness)

It was super hot out here today in Puerto Rico. It was a total sufferfest and it was for sure a hard run. I have to give it up to @the722 for pushing me I was listening to his album Heat 1. Put the 722 in the main at A2 tonight man.

Jill Paglia (@organicallyfestivelysouthern)

Great Fun 5K for Sneakers & Smores in the CCO today for Take Stock in Children... I was Spectator/Babysitter/Cheerleader for my daughter @daniellehartruns who was 2nd Female Overall, 1st in her Division and 5th Overall out of over 300 Entrants. Her first race back Postpartum and she did awesome...and for a great cause.... at least 2 children got Scholarships. Totally regret not entering in my age division but there IS next time. Great start to a Saturday and super fun filled weekend.

Patty 🇳🇱 (@fiercetobe)

De feitjes van vandaag. Belangrijkste feit: genoten en het gevoel dat ik weer een klein beetje vooruitgang boek in het kader van project #doeispierscheur 🤗! Hoop dat jullie zaterdag ook zo fijn was. Hebben jullie ook lekker getraind of gelopen? Vertel!

Danielle (@daniellehartruns)

I'M BACK!!!! And with a PR!!! First run Postpartum and I crushed it!!!! I was 2nd female overall, 1st place age group, and 5th place overall!!! Seriously cannot believe how well I did. The last time I raced was over a year ago right before I got pregnant. This was only my second 5K since I began running and I even got a PR which makes me so happy considering this is me now post baby at only just 3 months! Sorry not sorry for being so happy and proud of my accomplishment and finally back to racing!!!

Megan (@mcm_runs)

25K is done! First time I've ran over 10 miles since the Philly marathon and my calf did not enjoy it 🙄... now I'm trying to decide on a spring marathon

Ange (@cowgirlruns)

Today was a beautiful day for a run and I loved meeting so many beautiful people at the first @lole17th run club run!
Everyone KILLED the 6k today and I can't wait to see everyone on Tuesday.
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