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Chris Bennett (@coachbennett)

I need to coach more.
I mean straight up coach.
So, for the rest of January I am going to do just that.
5 guys on the floor.
Don’t get caught watching the paint dry!
Wait. That’s not right.
That’s from the movie Hoosiers.
Let me start over.
I need to start coaching Runners again on here.
Me. You.
And to begin this stretch of Coaching we will start with the all important…
Recovery Run.
You may know it as…a Run.
It’s basically every single run you do that’s NOT a speed workout or a Long Run.
It’s what you do when you leave work to run in the park.
Or wake up to run before school.
It's just that run you do because it’s nice out and you’re a badass.
And it's also the run you do because it’s not nice out and you’re a badass.
It’s. Just. A. Run.
A Recovery Run.
So, what does that mean?
It means the run has a purpose.
It’s called a Recovery Run because that is one of the main purposes of the run - to RECOVER.
And you accomplish that purpose by understanding how to run a Recovery Run.
Most people run their (Recovery) runs the wrong way.
They get all excited to go for a run.
(Which is great)
They put their headphones on.
(Which is fine)
The bass kicks in and off they go…way too fast.
(Which is the wrong way to start a run)
Blame your playlist.
What a Runner should do is start easy. Start relaxed.
Let the body adjust.
Because the body has no idea what you are doing.
Are you running to catch the bus?
Running to the bathroom?
You have to give your body a chance to get warm up.
Because you were not running.
And now you are.
You don't need to start fast because you shouldn't start fast.
As you naturally adapt to the effort of running - as you mentally and physically warm up - you will naturally pick up the pace.
And if you run the Recovery Run the right way you will end with your best running.
You will end feeling like you could have gone longer and faster.
That’s how you should end a Recovery Run.
This all works best if you go for a run now.
Yes. Like right now.
Next time I will talk about how to get over yourself to run your First Run.
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Jael Wenceslao (@leaj23)

Marami ng napuntahan. Marami nang nagawa. Pero lahat nagsimula sa BDM102.
Barangay BDM (Bataan Death March). Walang katulad.
Parang ad ng alak ang peg.
George Dolores. BDM102 Pioneer 2009
Ronald Declarador. BDM102 Pioneer 2009
Gene Olvis. BDM102 Pioneer 2009
Francis Santiago. BDM102 2010.
Jael Wenceslao. BDM102 2010.
Raffy Gabotero. BDM102 2011.
Majo Liao. BDM102 2013.
Never forget where you came from.
Good luck to aspiring BDM warriors this weekend. When you cross that finish line, your lives will change forever.
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Show them what you're made of.

Thomas Martinet (@tom_jaures)

1ère course officielle de l'année .. 🤙🏼 avec poto Luis ✨🐎✨ Génial cette course de l'Urban Trail d'Issy à refaire l'année prochaine. #whyirunjaures #issyurbantrail #trail #15k

Sofia Khalek (@sofiakhalek)

It was hard to make this day any better, but meeting him did :) #RunnerSpace #ArmoryNation

💻 (@marilupatini)

Sabem aquele momento em que você dá uma parada pra recuperar o fôlego e voltar com força total⁉️💥⚡️
Tô assim‼️ Me recuperando de uma dorzinha chata na coxa e de uma gripezinha 🤧 pra voltar bem.
O pior de ficar parada pra mim é que toda vez que não consigo fazer minhas corridas fico me lamentando por não ir, pensando que isso é mimimi e tal....
Ainda mais que hoje em dia a cobrança pra não ficar parada vem por todos os lados e principalmente por mim mesma! Mas acredito que quando estamos com o nosso ❤️ sereno as cobranças de fora não nos atingem. Elas só vão nos tocar quando batem com as nossas. ✨
Então dessa vez estou trabalhando meus pensamentos pra essa cobrança não existir, pra neurose do não ficar parada não tomar conta! Afinal o amor próprio e o cuidado comigo mesma tem que existir por completo.... então sigo em busca do equilíbrio, e agora ter menos culpa e menos neura faz parte 😊👊🏻🌟💫
📸 @busani_bruno

Jon Wallin (@jonnyruntime)

Capped off a near 50mi week with some strides, they felt goooood! 🤹🏻‍♂️

Tiux (@teamtiux)

Lacking running motivation? Get like @_ashleyseeger and find a workout partner! Motivation and inspiration at its finest.

WLS Jr.High XC/track Coach (@wlscoachscott)

Close to 60 in January! Emily and Caroline got a run in, anyone else???#runnerspace #dyestat #milesplit #xc #track