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💕Five bourbon pecan pies, enough cheese roll dough for two big batches, and a dozen cookies. Days like today I miss my grandmother so much I can hardly stand it. I think of her every day. Especially on days like today when I’m cooking and cleaning. So many things remind me of her. Hot water in a sudsy sink, washing dishes, cooking with flour, putting out my nativity scene, serving my family dinner. I miss her. She was my hero. Is my hero. Not only was she gorgeous on the outside (she had the most incredible cheekbones I’ve ever seen on a person), she was the most amazing person on the inside. She taught me forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love, generosity, and not to cook my rice on too high heat. I miss you, Grandma Mickey. Not everyone gets a grandma like she was and I am so grateful for every moment I had with her. She loved holidays. She loved every day. And each holiday that goes by without her I find more and more I want to be just like her. Thank you, Grandma, for all of your lessons💕. And, I am so grateful for our friends who have become family, and for all of you. Happy Thanksgiving & Friendsgiving Eve to all! #happythanksgiving #happyfriendsgiving #happyfriendsgiving2017 #thursdaytrays #pecanpie #bourbonpecanpie made with @makersmark #makersmark #farmhouse #formalfarmhouse #farmhousestyle #farmhousedecor

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process carving kuksa,, 😐 " teak kuksa/guksi "

Becky (@southernspangled)

Look at this cute little vignette!! I'm super exited to share my SECOND customer share with y'all!! Sweet Meghan @meghan03 contacted me last week wanting to know if there was any way she could get a pillow cover before Thanksgiving! Well you know I was going to do everything in my power to make that happen!! And the good old USPS came through for us as well! Meghan received her pillow two days before Thanksgiving and I couldn't​ be more excited that she got it in time and is happy with it!! 😊
Even though I can't get a pillow to you by Thanksgiving (ya know, since it's tomorrow!! 😂) I would still love to help you decorate your home for the holidays!! Check out my Etsy shop for this pillow design as well as others!
Happy Thanksgiving Eve sweet friends!!🦃😊🦃😊🦃😊🦃
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Daddy came bearing gifts for me to decorate my house!!!!! He found the horseshoe at my great uncle’s house in Tiffany, CO. It was rusted, but he cleaned it up. I still don’t know what I’m going to do with it. Some sort of sign for our house. And the skull will hang in my dining room. #the114 #daddysgirl #rusticdecor #skulls

Dian Indrian (@dianindriann)

There's nothing permanent except change ~

Familylaser (@familylaser)

Most of us can relate to this either through personal events or someone we know. It takes our breath away and reminds us how fragile life is. We say prayers during this holiday season for those who may be grieving and a reminder for all of us to recognize what we have and are thankful for.

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Ready to take orders! (First picture) These are my premade ones i currently have on hand. Otherwise made to order! Please pm me to order or any questions!

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Day before @tiffany_keely birthday. Thanks for all the help @tomkeely

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Partially set table! Ready for the final touches.. can you tell I’m a wino??? #rusticdecor #thanksgiving #wino #eventplanner