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Chapter One: The meet
It was mid summer, Alexandria was going to get first anime convention. She had just turned 18 a few months ago and convinced her parents to let her travel the few hours to the convention by herself. She had met a boy, Jeff, online in an anime chat room. Jeff was a tall, 19 year old, deep voiced red head that could pass for 25 years old. He lived a few blocks from the same convention and had offered Alexandria his room in his small little apartment. He, being the gentleman that he was, of course said he would sleep on the couch. Alexandria, young and innocent, accepted without giving it a second thought. She was just going to the convention Saturday, but wanted to get there Friday and leave Sunday so she could have all day Saturday to enjoy the convention.
Alexandria set out for Jeff's apartment after work Friday. It was roughly a four hour drive there so she calculated she'd arrive around 9 o'clock that night. She shot Jeff a text as she left work.
Jeff had his apartment all cleaned up. He had had a crush on Alex for so long, but never had the guts to tell her cause he didn't want to ruin their friendship. She was taller than most girls he knew. She was about 5'8 with a nice ass and a small chest. She was very thin with black short hair and a beautiful face with and without makeup. She was awkward and nerdy just like him which made him like her any more. He changed the sheets on his bed and took a final look around the place. "Yup, all ready for my beautiful best friend." He said to himself. He glanced at his phone as it lit up with a notification. "B there in 5" it read. He was getting slightly nervous now. He took a few deep breaths and calmed himself down. ~continued in comments~

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