Lana (@gypsyrajasage)

If you have a loud mind go to a place as calm as you wish you to be.
You will find beautiful things, and not so beautiful things about yourself. But in the end you will take a part of the peace you found there, with you.


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Паста для шугаринга SAHARA PROF СПб
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Stephen Platt (@lc_traveljournal)

There are vats of salt and pigeon poo to clean the hides, and then the dye vats for colour. They're doing browns this week so the colours are more muted than the reds and yellows blues and greens of some weeks.⠀

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Georgie Willmer (@georgie_willmer)

Sunset and sunrise on a camel as well as sleeping under the stars in the Sahara. Simply splendid 🐪🤙🏼

Kirsty Jones (@kirstykiteyoga)

'What makes the desert beautiful, said the little Prince, is that somewhere it hides a well' #goodmorning #sunrise #sahara #greatful #thankyou @oceanvagabonddakhla.lagon #kirstykiteyoga #desert #love #dakhla