Nick and His animals 🐢 (@turtles.anonymous)

I'm also wanting to remodel , Darts aquarium too, and yea I kind of changed his name to Dart because I watch Stranger Things season 2 and when in first saw Dart on the show I couldn't resist but rename him, I honestly couldn't, so his name is Dart now.

Steven Crawford (@giant_0_matic)

Pay attention to the world around you so you don’t step on my friend #mintobrown #salamander

M. Shane Richins (@crazyfoxtcu)

Join me in my jacuzzi. The water is tepid and clothing is optional baby. #tigersalamander #salamander #scalesandtailsutah #amphibian

Paige Wilson (@pdubya326)

Not surprised in the slightest that this lovely lady (@v.steiner) has 10K followers! Congrats!!
And wouldn’t a cave salamander (E. lucifuga) + a bottle of fireball whisky be an interesting artistic mashup? We made sure to properly end our last salamander field survey in college :) #artgiveaway #memories #salamander #TwasBittersweet

Ashleigh Nicole Jay (@ashleighnicoleart)

Painted Ensatina eschscholtzii found in Redwood park. Apparently this coloring of ensatina is rare for this area #salamander #salamandering #herpsofinstagram #herpetology

Kasia Gabinska (@kasiagabinska)

*Don’t watch if a salamander eating a worm is too much for you rn*

Big Boi Tang needs to eat
#salamander #circleoflife #earthworm #sorrybuddy #nature #education #nerd #predator #decomposer

Amelia's Axolotls (@amelias.axolotls)

@v.steiner GIVEAWAY ENTRY!: ok so what I would like is for you to maybe draw my two Axolotls entertwinned within each other (with a noticable size difference) with maybe tree like appendages like tree roots for arms and maybe tree limbs for external gills, you can have fun with it! Idk why but I think this would suit them because they can regenerate their limbs and a tree can too! If you choose me then I think I can clear up what I want but the rest can be you creative flow... I just want you to have fun!•