Jessica (@jleigh1117)

This guy though πŸ’™

Chewy (@sausagepupchewy)

What do you mean tomorrow is Monday? I don't want the #WEENkend to be over yet!

Winnie 12/5/15 & Bella 6/10/16 (@my_2_weenies)

What a pawsome day, first we went to our favorite store @dogkrazy and visited all our friends😬 then we walked the trail down by Old Mill Park in the 'burg. Boy did we meet a lot of pawsome fur friends today, all kinds too!! Big, little like us, medium, furry and not so furry. We met a whole bunch just like us, Black and Tan short and long hair, a wire haired Doxie, a long haired black colored, a short haired red and a bunch more we can't remember all the colors of. We met a bulldog too he didn't like us so much, a border collie, a Westie, a labradoodle, Doberman, a lab puppy he was niceπŸ’•πŸΎπŸ’•πŸΎπŸ’• #walk #walktildrop #newfriends #furfriends #exhausted #puppyoftheday #instaanimal #cute #cuties #greatday #pawsomedachshunds #warm #warmup #sunshine