HOLY THOT EXTERMINATOR (@notasenseofchill)

I was gonna post this yesterday but I felt this would have been disrespectful to MLK because this isn’t what he wanted 💀💀 So enjoy this meme of what society has become and think about how society isn’t moving forward, but moved backwards and have become mentally challenged because we’re sexualizing years into fine college girls that’s willing to do something strange so you can take her test for her 💀💀💀

Gympire®️ (@gympire.co)

Shoutout to our newest athlete @shaw_teamperformix 🙌 Lookin’ dapper AF in the Gympire®️ Savage Not Average tee 💪😆 Join us in welcoming him to the team 🎉🎉🎉 #TeamGympire

Do I Offend? 🤷🏽‍♂️ (@doioffend)

If you want some Devil Dick style revenge you can slide in my DMs and we can make a sex tape that will remind your ex how little he has going for him. 😏 #DoIOffend #DevilDick

HOLY THOT EXTERMINATOR (@notasenseofchill)

How about y’all get tf on Instagram 😡💀

You_a_lil_bee (@youalilbee)

Ahahahaha those screams don't lie! 👺💀