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Karena ku ngga ikut yauda post foto orang lain aja :3
Cr: mbaknya mas @rizki3x idk her ig, tbh :p
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found a hidden oasis in the east village

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After Such An Amazing Weekend At Tibbie Sheilds Let The NC500 Begin! Water Fall Stop Before The Drive To The Cairngorms To Make Camp Then Inverness In The Morning! Lets Go.... @vr6mitch ❤️🌞🚙⛰️ #waterfall #lovehim #scotland #nc500 #weekoff #exploring #lovenature #views #adventurebuddy #justmeandhim #holidaytime #lovescotland #scenery

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500 of you amazing people! I realized a few days ago that I hit 500 and thought I would do an intro, especially since I'm asked what my name is all the time. ^_^ .
Hi, I am Laura. I am a 27 year old, stay at home mom of a beautiful 4 year old demon. Before I stayed home with her two years ago, I managed multiple salons for 6 years and I've done hair for 8 years. I LOVE horror and wine, I'm a nerd (I played World of Warcraft for 12 years), I'm extremely introverted, and I keep very few people close to me. I'm a happy loner but you guys have made socializing much easier and more fun than I'm used to. .
I severe anxiety; it's what got me into succulents. I have loved them for years and have had a few since that time, but only two types survived through that period until now. The end of January until the middle of March was the worst my anxiety has been in about three years. At the very end of February, I picked up a couple succs. Went back later that day and picked up a few more...and now you see where I'm at since then. It helped bring me out of the dark. When you really get stuck's hard to come back. .
When I made my account two months ago, I didn't really think anything would come of it. Just a place for me to create, to lose myself in. I grow a pretty wide variety of things. I thought succulent community wouldn't understand or enjoy my cannabis growing and the cannabis community wouldn't enjoy my veggie or succulent growing etc but that hasn't been true at all. I've met some of the coolest people and have made some great friends. I'm thankful for all of you and I love to interact and hang out with you guys daily. Thank you for supporting me, for talking with me, for your input and opinions. I value you all greatly. 🖤🌵😽