Jesna Jose (@neermathalam__)

They were shuddering. They felt like they were having apocalyptic visions even before they had just started to explore it. Nothing was there to quench their thirst. They still couldn't understand it. How could there be nothing to help them survive? Something had to be there to wet their dry throats. Otherwise wouldn't their life just be unmeaningful. It was just the other day they got the chance to finally see some changing colours of the land. The initial days were dark and moist. They were waiting to see the world above this and had huge expections. But when the finally awaited day came,they couldn't believe the fact that just after they got to see the land,their bodies were becoming dry because of the scorching heat. Even if they resisted,there was a limit to which they could tolerate. If this would go on,it would be the end. High expectations of joys of life changed into deep despairs of gloom. Just then,they heard an unexpected loud sound.A sound that they hadn't heard after they stepped foot into the land. The clouds began to move and the land was slowly becoming dark. They thought that maybe this was the way how it was going to end. They closed their eyes and prepared for the judgement. Just then they felt something fall upon them. Was it something that would destruct them all within seconds?They waited,but nothing happened. More of those things began to fall from above. They were scared at first. Then they felt their bodies were reacting to the stimuli. They felt energy pumping their cells. The understood that their life had just begun now. They looked up and then bowed.
Pc @the_moon.child
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Andros (@augkaiju)

Storytelling attempt 🎞️the story is about a detective who's obsessed about finding an anonymous murderer/murderess who doesn't leave any trails or evidence but only bash the victims skulls near the wall so the blood splattered all over it. No patterns and victims are random. Probably the most fun and enjoyable piece i've ever worked on!

Andrew "Vegas" Brisbane (@abrisbaneart)

An oldie :) a very idealistic feelers collision with realist thinking weekend reminded me of this pic by the end of it. Lol. Veggie patch sown and some new sketches started at back to the corporate bullshit #backintoit #happymonday #cartoon #sketch #scribble #instaart #digitalart #ballarat #drawing #david