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Awesome story!! #Repost @nativefins
I've got a wild little story for you all today!
I was out on my way offshore with clients to do a charter and came across a big Green Sea turtle swimming funny on the surface. I noticed it wasn't acting normal. I spun the boat around to check and see what was going on, only to notice the turtle had wrapped itself up in a old stone crab trap in about 30 feet of water.
When we approached the turtle it startled and dove down only to wrap its self up even more. In it's attempt to escape, it wrapped itself up so bad and pinned itself down close to the bottom... After about 10 minutes of trying to snag the rope and pull it up (to heavy to do so) I put on a mask and snorkel and descended down to it. After a couple of tries I was successful at getting the rope and pulling this massive turtle up to the boat.
With the help of the Thach Family, we got the turtle secure and proceeded to try and untangle the rope. At the time when I was ascending with the Turtle, I had lost the only knife on the boat. That made for another tough situation on trying free up the rope. We searched the whole boat in efforts of finding something to cut the rope. Eventually we were successful cutting the rope with half a side of an old pair of scissors. The turtle was able to swim away freely off into the big blue... I can't tell how good it made feel to be able help that turtle! On top of all this, I just later found out that today is "National Sea Turtle Day"! What are the odds of coming across a dying Sea Turtle and saving its life on the day named after them?! So glad to of been there to help. We even got the whole situation on film that I'm hoping to receive from my clients soon.. Thank you all for reading and Happy "Sea Turtle Day"! #nationalseaturtleday #endlesssummercharters #skinnywaterculture #fishing #seaturtle #captainsforcleanwater

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松山海水浴場#海🐢#seaturtle #travelgram

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Sea turtle didn't want to show her face. She's apparently 50 years old according to the sea turtle guard🤧. #summer #2017 #hawaii #seaturtle #beach

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Sids and I have been out swimming and snorkelling every day for the last week and we've been lucky enough to see pods of dolphins, manta rays, thousands of beautiful tropical fish, sharks, turtles and many other beautiful creatures of the sea. They've all been curious by us, in some cases they have approached and followed but generally they've just kept doing what they were doing and enjoying living a life of freedom. We are incredibly lucky! A firm reminder that animals of the sea belong in the sea, not aquariums, tanks and fish bowls. Places like SeaWorld steal animals from the wild and place them in captivity to endure a life of misery, sadness and exploitation. Please don't support places like this! If you haven't seen it already, I highly recommend watching the documentary Blackfish. A real eye-opener that exposes the barbarity of the captivity industry.

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just had to do a sea turtle :). more beach/sea life designs coming! #handmade #watercolor #ink #notecards #oneofakind #seaturtle #art #artist

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Such magnificent creatures, to watch them gracefully maneuver in the waters of Hawaii was just so amazing, especially coming from Iowa!
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Hawaii how I already miss you!!! Such beauty you provide and all the precious creatures that call your shores home!!! Thank you for such an amazing experience!!!
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#素潜り #阿真ビーチ
⚠️海亀に触らないでね 餌付けしないでね

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Sore ini kami kembali berbagi pengalaman untuk melepasan tukik, silakan mengambil tiket/token nanti sore mulai pk 16.00 WITA di Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center. Setiap Tiket/token hanya berlaku untuk 1 orang untuk melepaskan 1 ekor tukik. Tiket/token ini dibagikan secara gratis. Jumlah tukik yang akan dilepaskan terbatas, pastikan Anda datang lebih awal dan antre di tempat yang benar untuk mendapatkan token

Hari,Tanggal: Jumat, 23 Juni 2017
Pengambilan token mulai pk 16.00 WITA
Lokasi : Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center

1. Mohon untuk TIDAK memegang tukik
2. Mohon TIDAK menggunakan flash saat mengambil foto
3. Donasi Anda akan sangat membantu masyarakat lokal untuk menjaga keberlanjutan program perlindungan penyu ini.
4. Mengembalikan box tempat tukik ke information center ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Honeymoon with the Misses and Crush the turtle. #DoYouHaveYourExitBuddy

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When you've had a hard week and you barely make it to Friday #uwwguam #seatrekguam #aquarium #seaturtle #naps #tgif